Introducing the Special Edition Disney TV

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Credit: Disney

Calling all Disney fans…

The New Disney Television

Samsung has introduced the new Frame Disney100 Edition TV. Available in three sizes (55″, 65″, or 75″), the flatscreen television combines modern technology with classic Disney animation and artwork.

Samsung Disney Frame TV

When powered off, the television screen functions as a digital art gallery, showcasing 100 pieces of Disney art (in honor of the Walt Disney Company celebrating its 100th anniversary). Images include drawings and artwork inspired by Mickey Mouse, Pixar Animation Studios, the MCU, Star Wars, and many others.

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Due to its built-in motion sensor, the Samsung Frame TV automatically wakes up to its Disney Art mode when you walk by. So, a simple pass by on the way to the kitchen or restroom can activate the screen and display a beautiful piece of Disney-themed art.

The Frame Disney100 art collection

Credit: Samsung

In addition to Disney art, users can also add their own photos or collect their own from the Samsung Art Store, where over 2,100 additional (non-Disney) artwork is available.

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Additional Disney elements featured with the television include an exclusive bezel with the Disney100 logo and a Mickey Mouse-inspired remote control. When not utilizing the screen as an art gallery, it functions as a standard television set with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, four HDMI ports, two USB ports, and a stand.

Other Details

It also has an anti-reflection matte display that minimizes shine from lamps and sunlight.

The Frame Disney100 Television

Credit: Samsung

Its price ranges from $1,699.99 to $3,199.00 (depending on model size). Additional information regarding the unique product from a Samsung and Disney partnership can be found here.

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Although the item may be a little pricey, can you think of a better way to show off your amazing Disney fandom than by having iconic artwork from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ many movies and properties displayed across your living room wall?

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