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Crazy Disney Home Decor TikTok Kelsey Hermanson
Kelsey Hermanson

Disney is not just an interest for some people, it’s a way of life. Many wish they could bring the magic of Disney Parks back home with them once their vacations are done, but that’s much easier said than done. One TikTok user blew regular Disney fans out of the water when she revealed her perfectly themed Disney home.

Kelsey Hermanson, @kelseymichelle85 on TikTok, dedicates her account to the accumulation of Disney home decor and incorporating them into her home in Snohomish, WA. Hermanson starts it all with a beautiful front door knocker depicting Tinker Bell over the castle.

Disney Tinkerbell Door Knocker TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

Here are some of the very best parts. Can you spy all these details in the video at the bottom of the page?

This Dining Room Decor is Definitely Not a Tale as Old as Time

Hermanson starts her tour in her Beauty and the Beast (1983) dining Room. Important pieces include a giant ballroom Belle and Beast centerpiece, a china cabinet full of Beauty and the Beast figurines, and dining chairs totally in the theme of the Beast’s castle. The iconic stained glass hangs to the side of the cabinet.

Did you see the Enchanted Rose in its glass container sitting on its own table at the end? It looks like it was taken directly out of the West Wing! It’s just below the beautiful ballroom tapestry. Did you peep the little Mickey Mouse shaped shrubbery too? They tie everything together so nicely.

Beauty and the Beast Dining Room Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

A Tangled Living Room That Will Make you Glad you Left your Tower

The first thing that catches your eye is the perfectly Rapunzel purple couch, accessorized with the iconic Corona sun symbol sown into throw pillows. A lantern lamp hangs above the couch, as if they’re floating the way the do in the film. There are little tower sculptures on either side of a beautiful print of Flynn Rider climbing Rapunzel‘s famous locks. The image is lined with flowers Rapunzel would definitely put in her braid.

More Corona suns mark a string of purple pennants that hang at the top of the wall, reminiscent of the Tangled (2010) area in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom. There is a carousel horse on the other side of the room that is not strictly Tangled-themed, but certainly fits the color scheme and whimsy of the rest of the room. However, the white horse does bring to mind Flynn’s companion Maximus.

Don’t miss the Snuggly Duckling sign above him!

Tangled Living Room Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

Go Down the Rabbit Hole with this Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bathroom

Hermanson understood the assignment with that doorknob – what a great start! The Cheshire Cat bathmat confirms we are in Wonderland. There’s a committed Queen of Hearts theme with green gardens and flowers along the walls and mirror. One of the best pieces in this room is the familiar Mickey Mouse shaped shrub with white and presumably painted red roses.

In the reflection, spot the tea pot and cups on a corner shelf and along the windowsill! Alice herself is just above the doorway as Hermanson exits.

Alice in Wonderland Bathroom Home Decor TikTok

This Homey Kitchen is All About Famous Disney Mice (and Rats)

The entrance to the kitchen is aptly themed with a “La Ratatouille” sign showing a rat in a chef’s hat and spoon in hand. There’a also a little Remy figurine on top of a Gusteau Container. Can you recognize it? Hermanson uses a mouse/rat wall clock holding a tray of cheese to transition inside the kitchen.

Now there’s a balanced Mickey Mouse theme. There’s a Mickey Mouse paper towel roll holder, toaster, and jar. Above her cabinets is a colorful, luminous line of Mickey shaped balloon lights that are identical to the balloons Guests purchase at the Disney Parks.

Don’t Miss the Tony’s Restaurant sign on the right. You, of course, remember this is the name of the Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp shared their iconic bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

Mickey Mouse Kitchen Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

This Kid’s Bedroom Is Decorated Like Neverland On Earth

Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael wall decals show the characters soaring over London and past Big Ben. A hanging ceiling lamp looks like a sparkling star that certainly represents the second star to the right on your way to Neverland. A sign for the park ride Peter Pan’s Flight hangs over the mirror. The pirate ship and hook found on the window sill tie in Captain Hook.

Do you see the golden clock by the Captain’s hook? Surely it’s the ticking clock eaten by that pesky Crocodile, AKA Tick-Tock.

Peter Pan Kids Bedroom Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

The Little Mermaid Fans Rejoice – This Bathroom Takes you Under the Sea

Even the flooring gets us in the theme here with its fish scale pattern and Flounder bath mat! Of course the Disney Princess heroine Ariel and her pal Flounder grace the shower curtain. The shower itself seems to be the real spot to jump in. There are jellyfish hanging from the ceiling and the walls are painted ocean blue. Ariel is in her clam shell while bubbles and fish swim around her.

Little mermaid Bathroom Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

A Master Bedroom Design Fit for Real Royalty

I’m immediately envious of the elegant, royal design of what I assume to be Hermanson’s own bedroom. Its subtle Cinderella theming incorporates dusty pinks and blues, accented with regal gold molding. Clear, shimmering bubbles float above the headboard and recall the reflective bubbles surrounding Cinderella when she cleaned.

On a matching vanity sits a weathered looking book with images of Cinderella’s pink dress while a lovely print above shows Cinderella post magic with her horse-drawn carriage.

Cinderella Master Bedroom Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

This Master Bathroom Would Have Been One of Your Three Wishes

Forget the luxurious bathtub lined with candles and see the Aladdin (1992) decor galore. A flying carpet bath mat and a print of Agrabah from Aladdin’s perspective are two of the main focal points. Pretty Moroccan lanterns hang from ceiling and I can only imagine what it looks like when the other lights are off. The curtains give an effortless Princess Jasmine vibe.

Hermanson offers a close up on print of Aladdin at the bottom of ocean with Genie, modified with suds, scrub brush, and shower cap. In the next shot we can see a mini Sultan’s castle on a countertop, but the real prize of this room is the magic lamp faucet! Where do you even get something like that?!

Aladdin and Jasmine Master Bathroom Home Decor TikTok

Kelsey Hermanson

Now it’s your turn to play ‘I spy’ with the video – I didn’t even mention every room!


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