Fans React: Bailey Kills ‘Part of Your World’ In Official ‘Little Mermaid’ Soundtrack

Halle Bailey Part of Your world soundtrack album
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Unless you’ve literally been living under the sea, you’ve heard about the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and all the controversy that comes with it. In 2018 Halle Bailey, a Black actress, was announced to play Ariel in the remake, and bigots made their opinions known.

Disney just released a clip of the official soundtrack for the film. In it, Bailey sings the final 30 seconds of the iconic song from the film “Part of Your World.” The song was originally performed by Jodi Benson, who voiced the animated Ariel, and fans are having a hard time imaging the song sung by anyone else.

Listen for yourself below!

The Fan Verdict on Halle Bailey’s ‘Part of Your World’

After listening to Bailey’s version of arguably the most important and emotional section of the song, fans were impressed! Halle Bailey’s vocals are widely accessible considering she’s in a musical group with her sister Chloe, with Beyonce’s stamp of approval. Fans have gotten glimpses into her vocal performance as Ariel through released sneak peeks of studio sessions and even leaked content.

Disney’s release of this part of the song further shows their confidence in Bailey and her performance – which the world will soon get to see. Fans notice a quality in Bailey’s voice that is reminiscent of Benson’s performance, but an extra bit of soul that really brings her personality and a new perspective to the lyrics.

Halle Bailey The Little Mermaid part of your world disney


The Highlights To Really Listen for In Bailey’s Take on ‘Part of Your World’

This clip starts with “Bright young women, sick of swimming” and when Bailey belts “Stand” audiences really get a glimpse into the power her voice brings. She chooses to go up at the end of the word as a variation from Benson, that is more similar to Sierra Boggess’ rendition in the Broadway adaptation.

In the “What the people know” lyric, you can feel Ariel’s joy and passion. Fans are looking forward to seeing her acting chops shine in her first major role.

The tone of her voice through the whole clip is so magical, it takes you to another world! Forget the haters Halle, you are doing your job and nailing it. She mixes inspiring power with a Disney Princess brand of softness that is undeniable!

And the ascending notes on “Above?” Truly beautiful and all her own.

Halle Bailey The Little Mermaid part of your world disney Ariel


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The clip leaves us hanging on that resonating note, before the last “Out of the sea/wish I could be/ Part of that World.”

The Little Mermaid is in theaters on May 26! Did this clip influence how you feel about Halle Bailey? Maybe some haters will finally give in, and her fans are even more excited!

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