For $1,100,000, This Disney Dream Home Can Be Yours!

Disney home
Credit: Osgood Team

Taking a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort is so magical that it’s easy to wish you could live there year-round. The “Disney Bubble” really makes you feel special, and it can be so tempting to imagine living in that environment all year. For one Colorado family, bringing the magic home with them was the inspiration for their massive magical home. This property is truly unlike anything else on the market, and for just $1,100,000 million dollars, your family could soon call it home.

Disney Home

Credit: Osgood Team

Magical Disney Mansion Goes on Sale

There are so many incredibly unique homes and properties available in the United States. Websites like Zillow have become a popular way for people to look at different homes and compare prices. One Instagram account, @zillowgonewild, has taken a comical approach to online house shopping by posting all of the most over-the-top and ridiculous homes.

Earlier this week, the account posted a home in Colorado that is truly something you don’t see regularly. They posted a massive four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,590 sq ft house that holds a secret in the basement. The home’s first floor looks like a completely normal home, but in the basement, a shrine to all things Walt Disney is revealed.

disney home

Credit: Osgood Team

Tour This Homes Disney Basement

Take a journey through the large Mickey Mouse wall cutout that separated the game/tv room from the shrine. Once through, you will find a shrine to all things Walt Disney. Memorabilia from tons of different Disney movies and iconic Disney attractions line the walls. There is also a bedroom with a bed that is built to resemble a castle. Everywhere you look, you can find some more references to Disney characters.

Disney home

Credit: Osgood Team

Unsurprisingly, many commenters think the home is unsightly. One comment reads, “Disney Adults are the biggest red flags.” Another says, “I don’t and never will understand Disney adults. I support you, but I don’t get you…”

Regardless of what the public feels, I have a feeling that this Disney-themed home will make one future family very happy.

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