Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Shocked, Can’t Believe They Let Kids on This Disney Ride

Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland with Child

NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and teammate Travis Kelce may be on a high following their win against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, but now Mahomes is reeling from riding a Disney Parks attraction that left him shocked.

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Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland

Credit: ArrowHead Pride

Sunday evening marked the NFL’s 57th Super Bowl and the second Super Bowl win for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. As is customary following a Super Bowl win, the winning team’s MVP visits a Disney Park–often the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida–with one of his teammates. But because Super Bowl LVII was held in Glendale, Arizona, the winners were honored at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

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This longstanding relationship between Disney Parks and Super Bowl champions was the brainchild of the wife of a former Disney Company CEO and has been a time-honored tradition for years. In keeping with that tradition, Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, visited Disneyland Resort one day after his Super Bowl victory, along with their two children, Sterling, age 23 months, and baby “Bronze,” age two months.

Mahomes shared a photo of his growing family in an Instagram post with the caption, “Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth, Bronze and Sterling!”

But shortly after the family visited Disneyland, Mahomes was due in the studio for a live broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live! during which he recounted his frightening experience aboard one of Disneyland’s newest attractions, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Mahomes, who stands 6’3″ tall and weighs 225 pounds, rode the ride with his nearly-two-year-old daughter Sterling, who loved the experience, but for the 27-year-old Whitehouse, Texas, native, the experience was unsettling and shocking.

Day after winning Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes enjoys Disneyland with family

Credit: KY3

“It was actually pretty crazy,” Mahomes told Kimmel. “It caught me by surprise a couple of times. I thought it was, like, a kids’ ride how it was set up, and all of a sudden, I’m flying around in this place, and I’m like, ‘how do y’all let little kids on this thing?’”

Mahomes’ retelling of the harrowing event at Disneyland is hilarious to Disney fans familiar with the attraction, which–just as Mahomes thought–is geared more toward children and families. The ride features zero elements that would garner it a description using the words thrilling or heart-stopping, and most fans who’ve experienced the ride at Disney World or Disneyland have a hard time deciphering which part of the experience lent itself to sending Mahomes “flying around in [the] place.”

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