How to Experience Destination D23 From Your Home

Mickey and Josh D Amaro at D23
Credit: D23

This year’s D23 expo at Walt Disney World Resort is sold out. The event for Disney’s most prominent fan base is being held at the Contemporary Resort the weekend of September 8-10.

D23 Schedule

Disney has released a schedule (shared below) that breaks down the itinerary of September 9 and September 10 events. Among its many presentations are “100 Years of Classic Characters: Unforgettable Stories”, “Marvel’s Avengers: Beyond Earth’s Mightiest – Celebrating 60 years,” and “Weird Disney: Centennial Edition.”

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Credit: Disney

Sunday evening will also conclude with a two-hour Halloween costume party called the Disney+ Hallowstream Costume Bash. Although not shown on the featured schedule, Friday will contain registration, gift pick-up, and check-in.

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Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort fans also look forward to “A Celebration of Disney Parks, Experience and Products: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” on Saturday morning.

D23 From Your Home

However, there’s some exciting news for those unable to acquire tickets to this year’s D23. It will be available for live streaming from the comfort of your house! On D23.com, Disney fans of all shapes, sizes, ages, and income levels can tune in real time- to watch this year’s events.

Previous D23 expos have introduced new movies, theme park attractions, and a host of surprises. With Disney’s 100th anniversary this year, we can only imagine what kind of surprises and special announcements the Walt Disney Company may have in store. The event will likely combine a look back on the past 100 years while also focusing on the company’s future, including its movies, theme parks, cruise lines, streaming service, and more.

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However, those looking for political drama will likely be disappointed, as the odds are low that the fight with Governor Ron DeSantis or the Florida Tourism Oversight Board will be discussed. Then again…never say never.

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