‘Haunted Mansion’ Cast Says the New Film is Actually ‘Scary’

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A handful of the cast from Disney’s upcoming reboot of Haunted Mansion sat down for a group interview with Fandango recently. With the movie just a month away, fans are starting to get excited about what the film will be like – and apparently, it’s no joke. Rosario Dawson herself commented that “It’s Scary!”

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Credit: Disney

Dawson, along with Danny DeVito, Tiffany Haddish, LaKeith Stanfield, and director Justin Simien acted as representatives of the Hunted Mansion cast and spoke about the tone of the film. When asked about their favorite of the 999 ghosts, which is a reference to the Walt Disney World/ Disneyland ride, Simien and Stanfield mentioned the Mariner ghost. They reference the spooky painting of the man lost at sea.

This leads Danny DeVito to admit that there are “a couple big jumps in the movie.” While jump scares are certainly a staple of compelling horror films, audiences weren’t necessarily expecting Walt Disney Pictures to go that route. DeVito continues, revealing that one particularly scary moment involves “that damn bride. I mean, that was scary.” The cast laughs in agreement.

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Credit: Disney

Rosario Dawson articulates how they managed to mix the Disney brand with some horror,

There was such a fight internally about: How scary do you make it? Or how funny and spooky? Is it scary or spooky? And, you know, what that line is. And I think Justin did just a brilliant job of holding that line throughout the entire film. And so it’s great. 

Dawson confirms that the bride moment also felt quite scary for her, specifically because they did a lot of the special effects practically rather than digitally. This means that the film did not rely solely on the use of CGI. Instead, many elements like costumes, props, and prosthetics were made and used in real life on the set. Later when digital effects were added, it made the final product genuinely terrifying.

Check out the Fandango video below.

Danny DeVito confirms that “there are some weird-looking people in it!” With two superstars like DeVito and Dawson confirming that the new Haunted Mansion is truly scary, audiences should be prepared for a real ghostly theater experience! Especially when Constance Hatchaway (AKA The Bride) comes on screen.

The Haunted Mansion cast also includes other big names like Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Levy, Winona Ryder, Jared Leto, and more! The Haunted Mansion film hits theaters on July 28th!

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