Happy Birthday to Pixar Star John Ratzenberger!

Happy Birthday John Ratzenberger!
Happy Birthday John Ratzenberger!

John Ratzenberger, one of the staple voices of many people’s childhood, turns 76 today! He is perhaps most recognizable for his tenure on the hit television comedy Cheers (1982), but Disney and Pixar fans will recognize his voice from a dozen box office hits. In fact, he has voiced a character in almost every Pixar animated feature!

Check out all the iconic roles he has voiced:

  • 1995-present – Toy Story: Hamm
    • This is where it all began! Ratzenberger’s largest, most consistent role! The gruff piggy bank hanging out with all of Andy’s other toys.
  • 1998 – A Bug’s Life: P.T. Flea
    • A flea modeled after circus showman P.T. Barnum
  • 2001-2013 – Monsters Inc.The Abominable Snowman & Yeti
    • The snowy cave dweller who offers Mike and Sully snow cones.
Monsters Inc.


  • 2003 – Finding Nemo: Fish School
    • The group of fish who rearrange themselves to make different shapes for Dory and Marlin.
  • 2004-2018 – The Incredibles: Underminer
    • A boisterous supervillain wearing a miner’s helmet.
  • 2006-2017 – Cars: Mack
  • 2007 – Ratatouille: Mustafa
    • A nervous waiter who works with Linguini.
  • 2008 – WALL-E: John
    • A human aboard the Axiom who at first thinks WALL-E is a waiter.
John and WALL-E


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  • 2009 – Up: Construction Foreman Tom
    • The chipper worker outside of Carl’s house.
  • 2012 – Brave: Gordon the Guard
  • 2015 – Inside Out: Fritz
    • A Mind Worker who works on the Headquarters console.
  • 2015 – The Good Dinosaur: Earl
    • A blueish-colored, southern velociraptor.
Earl (The Good Dinosaur)


  • 2016 – Finding Dory: Husband Crab (Bill)
    • A crab living in the Open Ocean exhibit with his wife.
  • 2017 – Coco: Juan Ortodoncia
    • A skeleton who speaks only the word “Gracias.”
  • 2020 – Onward: Construction Worker Fenwick
    • A one-eyed construction worker who gets in Barley’s way.
  • 2020 – Soul: Guy on the Subway
    • Grumpy New Yorker on the subway.

It’s a ton right? And those are only his feature film roles! He’s since been the voice actor for video games, TV shows, and shorts for the Walt Disney Company and/or Pixar, either reprising one of the above roles or creating a brand new one.

Toy Story gang


Happy birthday John Ratzenberger! You are the audience’s favorite Easter Egg! We’ll keep our ears out for your next role.

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