A Pizza Planet CAN Be Found Near Toy Story Land, But It’s Not What You’re Expecting…

pizza planet from toy story (1995)
Credit: Disney

If you’re caught up on Disney news, then you’ve probably heard a lot about Toy Story Land’s upcoming restaurant, Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

However, now that this barbecue restaurant is holding previews, many fans of the Disney Pixar Toy Story series are unhappy with the final product.

Credit: Disney

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It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Roundup Rodeo BBQ; the food looks delicious, and the decor is both whimsical and immersive. It has nothing to do with any one aspect of the restaurant and everything to do with its conceptual theming.

Toy Story fans have wanted to visit a real-life Pizza Planet since 1995, and many feel that Disney missed the perfect opportunity to build one in Toy Story Land.

Disney's Roundup Rodeo BBQ Interior

Credit: Disney

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However, there is one way to find Pizza Planet in Walt Disney World, and it’s not far from Toy Story Land at all.

Just a stone’s throw away from Toy Story Land lies Grand Avenue, a Muppets-themed area in Hollywood Studios.

Noticed the “best pizza on the planet” sign recently- fun little homage to Pizza Planet that was there before from WaltDisneyWorld

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Pizzerizzo is Grand Avenue’s restaurant, and as the name suggests, its primary offering is pizza and other Italian foods. However, Pizzerizzo used to be a Toy Story Pizza Planet restaurant.

This quick service location offered pizza and (apparently) arcade games too! However, all that remains of this restaurant is a sign outside Pizzerizzo’s that reads, “The Best PIZZA on the PLANET.”

Toy Story Pizza Planet from disneyparks

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Unfortunately, the Pizza Planet restaurant in Walt Disney World is a thing of the past. But maybe someday, Disney will rebuild a bigger and better version to satiate the fans!

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