Guest Visiting Disney Felt “Unsafe” During Unsettling Interaction With No Help From Security

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Whether discussing Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, it goes without saying that safety is the top priority.

Not only is it incredibly important for the Walt Disney Company to present safe, family-friendly environments for their vacation destinations, but it’s also crucial that security maintains that safety in the Disney Parks.

Despite each Disney Resort’s heavy security measures, one Guest recently had a negative experience while visiting the Downtown Disney area.

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While visiting Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney, one anonymous Guest reportedly witnessed “a person screaming and growling at Guests.”

They continue, stating that the instigator appeared to be homeless and “possibly on drugs or having a mental breakdown.” However, when the anonymous Guest told security, nothing was done about the situation.

They wrote that they “Genuinely felt unsafe and wondered how they even got in?

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It’s worth noting that Downtown Disney security will screen for weapons upon entry but won’t issue any drug tests or discriminate based on housing status.

Although we don’t know how this story ends, we can say that Disney security will escort a Guest out if they feel their presence is threatening to other Guests.

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It’s also worth noting that, like Orlando, Anaheim is a big, bustling city with a sizable population of unhoused people. Many people pointed this out in the social media thread in which the original story was posted, stating that interacting with homeless people is a standard part of living in a large city.


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Disclaimer: the story being reported on in this article is not necessarily indicative of Disney Dining’s personal opinions on Disney Park or property operations, nor is it representative of all Guest experiences

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