Genie+ Reaches Record Price as Spring Break Begins

Genie + record
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Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort today will be in for an expensive surprise. The Genie+ service, which is the way Guests can secure a Lightning Lane for their favorite rides, has once again reached its record price. Disney fans are left with the choice to buy the service at its priciest or risk missing out on rides. As the busy Spring Break season arrives, fans wonder if this will be the new normal for the Genie+ service at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney Genie

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Shocking Prices to Kick off Spring Break

Schools all over the country are beginning to celebrate their Spring Break vacation. Restless children and their parents are looking for a fun vacation in the warm sunshine, which makes Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort very popular vacation spots. Fans will flock to the theme Parks in the upcoming weeks, and Park attendance is expected to be very high.

For families looking to make the most of their weekend at Walt Disney World Resort, using the Disney Genie service to buy individual Lightning Lane is the best way to make sure that your party can ride the most attractions possible. On busy weekends like this, prices tend to climb for Genie+. Disney Genie Plus has matched its previous record price and is currently $29 to purchase.

Genie + record

Credit: Disney

Many fans find this price to be outrageous. The last time we saw prices hit this point was on Presidents Day weekend. That weekend, Disney Genie Plus hit $29 and still managed to sell out at all four theme Parks. Many families were frustrated and confused about how the service was not able to accommodate them. Some theorize that the Walt Disney Company quietly limited the number of Genie + services that were available to buy so they could drive the price up.

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The fact of the matter is that Disney enthusiasts are willing to pay for the service, regardless of price. Because they sold out the last time they reached this point, it is likely that the service will also sell out this weekend.

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