Genie+ Sells Out for the Second Consecutive Day; Fans Begin Questioning Viability

Genie+ sold out
Credit: Disney

Something quite strange has happened at Walt Disney World this weekend. For the second day in a row Disney’s Genie+ service has sold out all the Parks. As frustrated fans react to this news, many believe that this weekend has exposed the cracks in the foundation of the Genie+ service.

Genie+ sold out again

Credit: Disney

Genie+ Fails to Accomidate Fans for Two Consecutive Days

With this weekend being Presidents day, there was no doubts that their would be massive crowds in the Parks. Families trying to catch a quick trip and enjoy a Disney Park while the kids are out of school flocked to the Resort this weekend. Fans utilized Disney’s Genie reservation Service to secure a shorter line at their favorite ride or attraction. This is typical for anyone visting on a busy weekend at Walt Disney World. Genie+ is a service that allows Guests to pay a fee to skip the line and join the Lightning Lane for select rides.

This weekend, the Disney Genie service has sold out for the first time ever. The service sold out yesterday, Sunday February 19, at around 12:45 pm EST. Today, at around 2:15 pm EST, the service sold out once again. The same as yesterday, the service is sold out at Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT.

The service also has never been more expensive. Today, the Disney Genie Service cost $30, a new record high. Fans are frustrated and confused with the Genie reservation services inability to accommodate Park Guests. The Disney Genie Plus service is an important part of the Disney Experience, and fans who won’t be able to enjoy their favorite ride or attraction without it are upset. A new theory has developed about why it has sold out twice in a row.

Disney genie+ sold out

Credit: Disney

Fans Speculate the Real Reason Behind Genie+ Sell-Outs

A theory has begun to circulate among Disney fans. They believe that Genie+ is selling out because Disney has quietly started selling less of the service. This would make sense, considering the service has never sold out before this weekend, not even during Christmas. This seems to be the only sensible reason as to why the service’s prices are rising while still selling out.

Some fans are calling out Disney for doing this without an announcement. It will be interesting to see if their are any future sell-outs in the near future, and if Disney ever comments on the situation.

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