Genie+ Is No Longer Available

genie plus sold out
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Shocking news has come from Walt Disney World today. After an incredibly busy weekend for the Park, it was just announced that Disney World Genie+ is no longer available. Fans visiting the Park were shocked and confused about how this could happen.

Presidents Day at Disney Brings Huge Crowds

This President’s Day weekend, Walt Disney World Resort was extremely busy. With the massive crowds and lines, more people are gravitating to Genie+. In order to maximise their Disney experience, Genie+ can become very crucial for Guests on busy weekends like this one. Making a Genie reservation using the Disney Genie Service is one of the only ways Guests can guarantee getting to experience their favorite ride or attraction on a weekend like this. However, Genie Plus has never sold out at Walt Disney World, so many Guests this weekend arrived to the theme Park expecting their needs to be accommodated.

That assumption was wrong. It was announced last year that the Disney Genie Service could sell out on a given day. When/if this would ever happen, Disney explained that a message would appear on the app explaining that sales have been halted. In the case of a sell-out, sales would return for the Disney Resort as usual at 12:01 am before Park opening next day. As this weekend arrived, dedicated Disney fans began to predict a sell-out occurring. Twitter user Scott Gustin was one of the people to predict a sell-out over the weekend. He shared his predictions with his following on Twitter.

Genie+ Breaks Records

This weekend went exactly as Scott Gustin and many other Disney fans predicted. Over this weekend, the Disney Genie+ service cost $29. This is the highest the cost of Genie+ has ever been. Nevertheless, fans continued to purchase Genie+, proving that cost will not detur Guests from using the service.

Disney Genie+ prices

Credit: Disney

Today, Genie+ was so popular that it sold out for the first time. A message to Guests has been displayed on the app, showing that the Genie+ service is unavailable until tomorrow. The message reads, “Purchase of Disney Genie+ Service is no longer offered for today.” This message showed for Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Genie+ Sells out

Credit: Disney

Fans are shocked and disappointed at this news. As the popularity of Genie+ rises, we wonder what this will mean for future holiday weekends at Waly Disney World Resort.


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