Disney’s Upcoming TRON Roller Coaster to Open Weeks Ahead of Debut Date

tron lightcycle run limited offer

Walt Disney World Resort’s newest attraction is one of the most long-awaited experiences the company has ever produced, and it’s not even out yet!

…Or is it?

TRON Lightcylce / Run at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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Disney fans had to wait five years for construction on Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Run to finally finish. The roller coaster was first announced during the 2017 D23 Expo, and Walt Disney Imagineering’s construction swiftly began in 2018.

It should be noted that the construction caused one of Magic Kingdom’s most beloved attractions, the Walt Disney World Railroad, to shut down for a few years, causing some strife amongst fans.

TRON Art Rendering at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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While the roller coaster was initially scheduled to open in 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic put everything on hold. In 2022, it was announced that the attraction would open in the spring of 2023. In January of this year, the Walt Disney Company finally released an opening date: April 4th.

However, the attraction did have previews for Cast Members and certain Guests with an Annual Pass throughout February and March.

Needless to say, this ride’s timeline has been confusing…and it just got even more complicated.

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The Walt Disney Company has just announced that Magic Kingdom’s upcoming roller coaster is holding a “limited soft open” from March 20th through April 2nd.

It’s noted that Guests can only experience TRON Lightcycle Run by signing up for the virtual queue or purchasing an individual Lightning Lane entry in the My Disney Experience app.

tron lightcycle run

Credit: Disney

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If you’re visiting Magic Kingdom Park soon, you may have a chance to enter the Grid earlier than expected! Be sure to stow all your belongings and keep your hands inside the ride vehicle!

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