Exciting Update Arrives For Walt Disney World’s Newest Attraction

tron lightcycle run lights on
Credit: Disney

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, progress is always the priority.

Walt Disney Imagineering is always looking for ways to improve the technology present in each Disney Park, especially when it comes to new attractions, and TRON Lightcycle Run is no different.


Credit: Disney

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TRON Lightcycle Run is Magic Kingdom’s newest addition, and Guests couldn’t be more thrilled. The anticipation for this upcoming roller coaster can be compared to how excited Guests were for EPCOT’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

This science fiction attraction takes Guests right into the Grid for the “ultimate race of survival.” Joining Team Blue, Guests will find themselves on a high-speed chase through a “computerized world with no horizons;” truly, there are no limits for Walt Disney Imagineering.

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As we’ve seen, the ride vehicle for TRON Lightcycle Run looks just like a Lightcycle out of TRON (2010). Guests lean forward, similarly to Avatar Flight of Passage in the  Animal Kingdom theme park. The difference is that the high speed chase isn’t simulated at all.

The best part? This attraction will be one of the fastest roller coasters at any Disney theme park in the entire world. It’s also the only Walt Disney World ride that requires Guests to stow belongings in a locker-that’s how intense this roller coaster will be!

Needless to say, Disney Parks fans cannot wait to go for a ride on this roller coaster.

Credit: Disney

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TRON Lightcycle Run will open to the public on April 4th. Until then, only Cast Members and Annual Passholders can experience this attraction through previews.

However, as we get closer and closer to the opening date, Disney Parks fans hang onto every update with bated breath. Today, theme park reporter Scott Gustin pointed out a TRON Lightcycle Run update:

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As we can see in this Tweet, the newest Magic Kingdom attraction has officially been added to the Walt Disney World mobile app map.

That being said, if you’re looking at the Magic Kingdom map on your smartphone, you may have to zoom in a fair bit to see the text. However, once the attraction opens to the public, the wait time will make it easier to view.

Once TRON Lightcycle Run opens on April 4th, Guests will be able to experience this attraction through virtual queue only, which can be accessed on the My Disney Experience mobile app.

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