Disney’s “Most Dangerous Coaster” Exposed, and It’s Not What You’d Expect…

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Disney theme parks pride themselves on having a diverse range of attractions to suit every kind of guest. From mellow seated shows to adrenaline-boosting roller coasters, every type of fan can experience joy at Disney. Each ride is kept in meticulously safe condition thanks to the team of Disney Imagineers on site.

However, one fan did notice what appears to be a slip-up in one attraction’s safety protocols. Disney makes the safety of guests the top priority of the theme park cast members, but on one attraction within an attraction, it seems that the standards have slipped severely. To many onlookers, this treacherous rollercoaster clearly has major lighting issues that need immediate attention from the staff at Disney.

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Roller Coaster Attraction Earns Response From Fans

When it comes to Disney roller coasters, thrill-seekers and Disney Park enthusiasts alike are in for a treat. From the classic Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to the futuristic Tron Lightcycle Run, Disney knows how to create roller coasters that thrill and immerse guests in the fantastical worlds of Disney.

With twists, turns, and unexpected drops, these rides bring magic and excitement to visitors of all ages. However, one ride within a ride on Disney property does not meet these standards; it dips dramatically below. This ride is the rollercoaster featured in the “it’s a small world” attraction located at Magic Kingdom Park within Walt Disney World Resort.

it's a small world

Credit: Disney

Not for the Faint of Heart!

With steep plummets and major mechanical issues, the roller coaster on “it’s a small world” attraction is in severe disrepair. The attraction clearly needs some attention, and fans are quick to point out that it doesn’t quite meet Disney’s usual standards. One post to Reddit said:

“The worst-maintained, most dangerous coaster at Disney World. Half the lights aren’t even working, definitely wouldn’t want to ride…”

The worst-maintained, most dangerous coaster at Disney World. Half the lights aren’t even working, definitely wouldn’t want to ride…
byu/DiscoLives4ever inWaltDisneyWorld

Hopefully, this attraction will be repaired soon, and the kind citizens of “it’s a small world” will be able to go back to living and enjoying their whimsical world again. Do you think this attraction’s condition is below Disney’s usual standards?

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  1. I don’t think it’s a roller coster I think as a boat ride yes it needs some things fixed I don’t remember being strapped in use a seat belt

  2. I don’t know what ride you were on but it wasn’t Small World.

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