Entitled Disney Guest Believes They Should Not Be Banned for Dangerous Behavior

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Uhh… this is certainly interesting.

One thing is true: Disney sure does attract a variety of people. Many people say that there is something for every kind of guest at the Disney Parks and Resorts, and for this reason, every type of person can be found on Disney property.

Disneyland guest sexual assault

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To maintain order for all guests, both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort have a strict but precise set of rules and guidelines that they enforce at all times. When a rule is broken, Disney is known to swiftly implement appropriate punishments for the guests in the wrong.

One guest gained the attention of Disney fans online after posting a rant about being banned from Disney. Clearly, the public reaction to this fan’s story was not what the guest had hoped…

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How to Get Banned From Disney

Disney strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all its guests, and when someone’s behavior becomes disruptive or goes against the park rules, appropriate action is taken. In the case of one Disney Magic Key holder, their park privileges were stripped from them after they broke a major safety rule.

Being banned at Disney may come as a shock to some, but it serves as a reminder that even the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ has its limits. Disney takes guest safety and comfort seriously, and their dedication to maintaining a wholesome and family-friendly environment is evident.

One can only imagine what kind of actions would warrant a ban from Disney. Oftentimes, reasons for a ban could be as extreme as physical altercations or verbal abuse towards Disney Cast Members or other guests.

Other reasons could involve illegal activities, such as attempting to sneak into restricted areas or vandalizing park property. Disney makes its rules very clear when you are in the parks, so to break one, you usually would have to go out of your way to be naughty.

Mission Breakout

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It’s important to note that being banned from Disney is not a temporary inconvenience. Disney takes these matters seriously, and a ban typically extends beyond a single trip or visit.

The length of the ban is determined by the severity of the offense committed. This serves as a deterrent to ensure that individuals think twice before engaging in inappropriate behavior or breaking the park rules.

Guest Irritated by Year-Long Ban, but Fans Don’t See Things the Same Way

One guest took to Disneyland Resort’s Reddit page to share their irritation over being banned.

According to the Disney park guest, they were banned by a Cast Member because they unbuckled their seatbelt while riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Not only is this “trend” extremely dangerous, but it also clearly goes against a Park rule. After the incident, the guest was reportedly escorted out by Disney security.

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As punishment for their actions, this Disney fan will be restricted from using their Magic Key Annual Pass for an entire year.

While this guest thinks this punishment is too severe, many fellow guests in the comments are surprised Disney was not more strict. The post reads:

Disneyland is way to harsh

i have been a annual holder for almost 10 years now been going once every weekend 48 times a year for 10 years never had any problom never did anything wrong never broke any rules never had any violations the one time this was this weekend i did the seatbelt thing on guardians they took me off the ride and revocked my pass was walked out by security was trespased for the night

i am aware now that was very wrong for me i have realised what i did was horribly wrong i would never do anything like this ever again but they have revoked my pass for a year now over all this they are still making me pay my monthly payments for this pass even though that i am not able to go i understand what i did was stupid but i think that this is very wrong this is to harsh of them to do this is my first offense and i get banned for a year 10 years i have been going and this is how they treat a loyal customer after doing one wrong thing

i think what would be fair is give me a warning and the next time you do it you get banned for a year i am very sad about what has happend and that i will still be making payments for a pass that i cant even use, once again i am aware that i have done somnething wrong i just want your opinions on whether this is too harsh or ok.

disneyland is way to harsh
byu/Downtown-Bend5121 inDisneyland

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Responses to the thread quickly noted, “Only a year? You got off easy.”

While it may seem harsh to some, Disney has a responsibility to prioritize the safety and well-being of its Disney theme park guests and Cast Members.

By enforcing strict rules and consequences, they uphold their commitment to creating a positive and magical experience for all. It also sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated and that Disney is committed to maintaining the integrity of its brand.

Do you think this guest was treated too harshly? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Perhaps the poster can spend the year’s suspension by taking refresher courses in spelling and basic grammar.

    • My sentiments exactly. While I try to suppress my “grammar nazi” tendencies on social media, there is just so much wrong with this post that I almost wonder if it’s intentional. If not, then OP absolutely needs to return to elementary school for a year.

  2. I think the ban should be much longer, but I don’t think the offender should have to continue paying for the pass. If Disney is truly interested in safety then the money shouldn’t be something they would still be looking for.

  3. There is no way Disney can make you pay your monthly payment.

    • I don’t see why they wouldn’t charge him to the end of his term, it is a loan with a one year repayment, if he goes to the park or not he still is resistor the loan. After the loan is repaid he can choose to not renew the loan by not buying his AP

    • Actually they can. An AP is a legal contract, no different than the one you enter into with a credit card. They can and will enforce the payment plan. Also, part of the contract is the understanding that if you break park rules and are banned from the park, you will still have to make payments.

  4. It’s easy to say you’re sorry after getting caught and punished,I’m guessing he wouldn’t be saying sorry and how stupid he was if he wasn’t caught

  5. I hope every payment reminds you of your stupidity.

  6. Some of the punishments may seem tough but frankly I am happy that these measures are taken. Disney parks are large places with thousands of people. Strict repercussions are necessary to keep the peace and safety of all. Don’t like it then don’t break any of the rules! Simple

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