Magic Kingdom Fan Steals a Part of One Attraction Every Time She Visits to Use in Dangerous & Disgusting Practice at Home

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Diehard Disney fans can be found around the globe. Not only does The Walt Disney Company operate multiple theme parks in several countries, but Mickey Mouse is recognized  97% recognition rate, beating out even Santa Claus as the most recognizable character on planet Earth.

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In 2022 and 2023, the term Disney Adult became commonplace, but it was often used by non-Disney Adults in a derogatory manner to describe people over 18 whose affinity for all things Disney signified some type of mental illness, emotional instability, or delusional state.

And though such assumptions are largely inaccurate, one fan’s affinity for a classic Disney World attraction definitely takes things to a whole new level–a level that even the¬†diehardest¬†of diehard Disney fans would likely find repulsive and even dangerous.

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Every Disney Fan Has a List of “Favorites”

The majority of self-proclaimed Disney fans have their favorites–a favorite Disney film, something they love the most about Walt Disney, a favorite Disney Park, and a favorite Disney Parks attraction, and there are many from which to choose in each category.

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Across the globe, Disney owns and/or operates multiple theme park resorts, including Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort in the United States, Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Some of us are still looking forward to the day when Disney finally breaks ground in Texas.

Within Disney’s resort locations, fans have their favorite theme parks as well. For some, it’s Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in California. For some, it’s Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. For others, it’s Tokyo Disneyland at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Tokyo Disney Resort/Credit: Disney Parks

But of all of Disney’s theme parks, Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida is likely the most popular with fans, as it remains the undisputed champion among Disney’s most-visited parks.

Magic Kingdom Park: The Embodiment of Disney Magic 

Magic Kingdom seems to embody the essence of Disney fandom.

From classic attractions like “it’s a small world”, Haunted Mansion, the now-closed Splash Mountain attraction, and other rides inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved films to an atmosphere within the park to exciting character encounters, magical experiences in the park’s six unique themed lands seem to breathe a childlike new life into guests, reigniting those childhood memories in fans of all ages.

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It’s called Magic Kingdom for a reason.

But Magic Kingdom doesn’t have to be your favorite park for you to enjoy the classic attractions at Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street, U.S.A. And chances are that one of those classic attractions at Adventureland is among your favorites as a Disney World fan, as it has been a part of Magic Kingdom for over 50 years now.

Whether you like it or love it, it’s likely you don’t loathe the Pirates of the Caribbean¬†attraction. The ride is steeped in tradition and history and was the first Disney Parks attraction to inspire a film series rather than being inspired by a film series.

disney world pirates of the caribbean

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And you don’t need to be scurvy or swashbuckling to enjoy the Disney experience on the high seas that will have you searching for Captain Jack Sparrow in every scene and looking out for Davy Jones and Captain Barbossa as well.

One Fan’s Love for the Ride Goes Too Far

But though we love the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as much as the next fan, it’s unlikely that we “love” it like one fan who can’t help but steal a part of the attraction every time she visits Magic Kingdom.

pirates of the caribbean disney world

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A video online depicts a female guest who enjoys Magic Kingdom’s treasure-laden attraction so much that she seems to take leave of her senses as she takes a part of the experience home with her every time she rides–and we’re talking way more than just the memories she makes in the park.

No, she’s not stealing props from the attraction, and she’s never attempted to disembark the ride vehicle to steal a Johnny Depp/Captain Jack animatronic. Instead, she does something that’s dangerous on the ride and dangerous once she gets home.

captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean ride disney world

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Every time she enjoys the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, this woman reaches over the side of the boat and fills a Dasani water bottle with the murky waters of the “Caribbean” inside the attraction. But her supposed “fandom” doesn’t stop there–and neither does the danger of what she’s doing.

Once her bottle is full, the guest screws the lid on tightly and keeps the bottle with her so she can take it home and use the water from the attraction to cook a meal in her own kitchen.

Pausing so you can digest that. No pun intended.

A post on Instagram from @disrantium tells the story of the Pirates lovestruck guest–one whose affinity for the attraction almost certainly lands her in a category of fandom all her own. And we’re okay with that.

“A video has recently surfaced of a park guest collecting water from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and preparing a meal–using said water,” the post explains. “This low-key gross behavior has us kind of jealous. All kidding aside–this is a bad idea–don‚Äôt do this. The water is heavily chemically cleaned, and it’s still dirty.”

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A Dangerous Practice 

The practice is not only disgusting, but the very act of filling her Dasani water bottle during the ride is also a dangerous one.

Various gears and other mechanisms of the ride hide beneath the murky waters of the “Caribbean” in the attraction, posing a huge risk of injury should her hands come in contact with those mechanisms. That’s why putting your hands into the water at an attraction¬†at a¬†Disney Park is prohibited and can earn you a ban from the park.

During coronavirus isolation, family recreates Pirates of the Caribbean ride  in their house | Fox News

Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Resort/Credit: Disney Parks

And speaking of the murky waters of the “Caribbean” in the attraction, it’s important to note that the water is brown and has a dirty appearance because it is treated with chemicals so that it looks a bit filthy and hides the working mechanisms of the attraction so the “magic” isn’t spoiled.

And let’s not forget that even without the chemicals to give the water its dark and dirty appearance, the water in the attraction is actually very dirty on its own.¬†Have you ever smelled the water in the attraction? The odor has a lore all its own.

Any combination of the above is a recipe for disaster. Again, no pun intended.

Let’s Find a Different Way to Express That Fandom

Though we can whole-heartedly appreciate this guest’s love for Disney World, Magic Kingdom, and the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, which, by the way, has also inspired a new theme park coming in 2025, the truth is that she puts herself and others in danger every time she fills her water bottle.

There are other ways to celebrate your love for an attraction–ways that don’t endanger your appendages and threaten your well-being with microbes and bacteria.

pirates of the caribbean disney world

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Though we aren’t quite sure what the woman cooks in her pirate‚Äės brew, we do know we won’t be joining her for dinner at her house anytime soon.

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