Disney’s First Queer Princess Could Happen Sooner Rather Than Later: “Strides in the Right Direction”

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Recently, voice actor from Wish, Harvey Guillén, commented on how the Walt Disney Company was making strides in the right direction with respect to inclusivity and representation.

The Walt Disney Company has come under fire for a while now for either being too “woke” or not being inclusive enough. Typically, critics haven’t been happy with the company and its projects for any number of reasons. However, recently, a Disney actor spoke out in support of the company’s actions, sharing it was making “strides in the right direction.”

Animated Disney Princesses Ariel and Jasmine

Animated Disney Princesses Ariel and Princess Jasmine / Credit: Disney

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Wish Actor Harvey Guillén Shares Disney Making “Strides in Right Direction”

The voice behind Gabo in Disney’s Wish, Harvey Guillén, recently opined on Disney’s efforts toward inclusivity and representation.

“I think they’re making strides in the right direction,” Guillén told ComicBook.

“I think it’s hard to rebuild a wheel that’s already been in motion for a while, and it’s hard to think of a new direction, especially in where we’re at with the world, but they’re putting their best foot forward, I think.” He continued. “And sometimes those things take time, and I’m optimistic.”

Guillén also made his thoughts and desires for a queer Disney princess clear. He called the possibility of Disney making a queer princess “fantastic,” adding, “I think that we are in the lifespan of that potentially happening.”

The Wish actor continued, “…that could be a reality. It’s just like I said; it takes time with stuff like that. Representation has taken so long just in film in general, with every studio and every company. And so it’s taken us this far to come this far, but look how far we’ve gotten.”

Wish potential streaming date

A still of Asha from Disney’s Wish / Credit: Disney

Guillén voiced Gabo in the Walt Disney Animation Studios production Wish, directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn. The film starred Ariana Debose as Asha, the protagonist, and Chris Pine as King Magnifico. Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral, Victor Garber, Natasha Rothwell, Niko Vargas, and Ramy Youssef, among others, were part of the voice cast as well.

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  1. All this woke stuff has to stop. . Disney can solve its problems if they return to pre Covid period.

  2. Disney is trying to destroy themselves. Homosexuality has been around for many years and like prejudice, ignorance, etc. will be here for many years to come. Disney and other organizations that keep pushing these behaviors are causing way more trouble than needs to be pushed on the entire population. Disney is looking for more flops in the movies if they keep up looking to make trouble.

  3. Woke Disney is losing millions of dollars. We as parents don’t want our kids to know this stuff at such a young age . Let our kids be kids.

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