Disney Could Be Getting a Transgender Princess

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In recent years, the Walt Disney Company has made a point to share more stories about LGBTQ+ communities. This is part of the company’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion within its content. Disney’s decision to include LGBTQ+ characters in its content has been divisive amongst the supporters of the company. While many shareholders and fans want Disney to pull back from the “woke” agenda, many fans are pushing Disney to become more diverse. Now, a Disney actress has announced her pitch to Disney to create a transgender actress.

Princess Tiana


Disney Actress Pushes for More Diversity on Screen

There is no doubt about it; the Walt Disney Company has come a long way when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion in its movies and TV shows. The company is proud to be a champion for marginalized communities of all kinds. One of their main priorities is to have more characters and stories centered around underrepresented communities. Disney says;

“Across our platforms, we champion storytelling that reflects the world around us and helps us develop meaningful relationships with our consumers. We strive to present genuine, authentic, and respectful storytelling. To do so, we engage individuals, families, and communities across the globe, and we embrace different perspectives in our filmmaking, both in front of and behind the camera.”

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One of the new Disney movies that promote diversity is the recent release, Prom Pact. This movie features a character names Mrs. Chen who identifies as queer. The actor who plays Mrs. Chen is Comedienne Margaret Cho. Cho identifies as bisexual in real life. While Cho believes Prom Pact is a significant step forward, she is looking toward what Disney can do next. Cho is specifically for more transgender representation by Disney. Cho explains;

“I would love to see [them] everywhere. I would love to see trans characters. I would love to see different types of people in the roles of like Disney Princess, Disney Prince. I think this would be really important and it’s a move towards the future. It’s a move towards who we are. I think it’s really admirable and really exciting.”

Prom Pact

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The Walt Disney Company has included trans and non-binary characters in some of the recent TV shows, but they have not yet had a transgender Disney princess. With the idea now out there, fans will be curious to see if Disney makes this Disney character idea happen.

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