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Disney Buying Fox Changed One of Its Most Iconic Films

deadpool wolverine changes

Sometimes, a business decision can change the track a movie or television show was supposed to take fairly significantly. For example, Disney buying distribution rights to Doctor Who gave the latter a massive breath of fresh air (and money) it desperately needed. Recently, it came to light that when Disney bought 20th Century Studios, they ended up impacting the storyline of ...

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California Delivers on “Golden State” Moniker for Disney

disneyland forward approved

After all the issues the Walt Disney Company has been facing recently, it turns out California, the Golden State, is proving its moniker accurate for the Mouse House and Disney’s Anaheim resort. In a recent win for Disney—one that many would agree the company desperately needed—the company is going to get the chance to deliver on one of their long-held ...

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Universal Agreed Upon As “Better Orlando Vacation Destination,” What’s Disney’s Move?

disney vs universal

With Epic Universe’s announcement, fans are acknowledging that Universal might just be the better Orlando vacation spot. But what can Disney do to close the gap? Universal Orlando Resort has upped the ante. The Orlando vacation destination has made waves in the recent past with the announcement of its upcoming theme park. Since many now feel that Universal Orlando Resort ...

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Is Disney Looking to Replace More Actors With AI?

disney actors AI

A recent investment by the Walt Disney Company has us questioning whether the Mouse House is looking to let go of more creative talent. The Walt Disney Company has come under fire in the past for its lack of proper protections for its artists and actors. In fact, all of Hollywood has faced these same criticisms. During the SAG (Screen ...

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New Evidence Suggests Disney Allegedly Uses Bots to Manipulate Shows

disney manipulate shows bots

A social media user recently spent months compiling evidence to show that the Walt Disney Company has allegedly been using bots to manipulate the promotion of their shows. Disney has had a rough few years. This is common knowledge. Particularly in the case of its streaming platform and related performance, it’s no secret that Disney is working overtime to make ...

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What’s Up With the Disney Trump Animatronic Conspiracy?

disney trump animatronic

The conspiracy theory surrounding Walt Disney World’s Trump animatronic has resurfaced online, so we decided to do a little deep dive into its origin. Numerous conspiracy theories and rumors have circulated online over the years. From Cinderella Castle catching fire and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending the National Guard to block entrances to Disney World, some strange stories have found ...

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