Guests Consider Squeezing 30 People Into Sold-Out Rooms to Afford Disney

A large, gothic-style brick mansion with ornate architecture, surrounded by tall trees and greenery. The overcast sky adds a spooky, mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of the Tokyo Disney Fantasy Springs Hotel. Lanterns and other small structures are visible in the foreground.
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Guests have taken to self-soothing about how expensive Disney has gotten by making jokes about what it will take to afford a Disney vacation.

At this point, Disney becoming far too expensive for the average adult to afford: it’s a topic that’s been beaten to death with respect to how frequently it’s been discussed by fans. However, any time something new opens up at the parks, many fans are reminded of the insane prices that some of these experiences often come with.

While it’s now closed, the Galactic Starcruiser at the Central Florida Disney theme park, Walt Disney World Resort, is one of the best examples of this. The Star Wars hotel was known to be one of the most expensive Disney experiences ever, clocking out at $1200/- per person per day. Many questioned who would even be able to afford that expensive an experience.

A vibrant nighttime view of Tokyo Disney, featuring a glowing, snow-capped mountain, an illuminated, Arabian-style village, and a wooded pirate ship moored by the waterfront.

Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort / Credit: Disney

The upcoming Fantasy Springs port in Tokyo DisneySea has reinforced this feeling among fans, particularly when it comes to the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel.

As fans know, the upcoming eighth port of Tokyo DisneySea has made waves among the Disney fandom.

From fans who are frustrated with Walt Disney Imagineering and The Walt Disney Company for not bringing the same quality of rides and attractions to the domestic Disney Parks as they have to the global Disney Parks to those who are simply excited about the new park, the new port has been receiving its fair share of attention.

character room at the tokyo disneyland hotel

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel / Credit: Disney

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But, the price of a hotel room at the new Fantasy Springs hotel has had many up in arms. The hotel has two price options for guests: one that is over $400 a night and the other that is nearing $2000 a night.

However, any guests who were on the fence about whether they could afford the hotel or not and only recently made up their minds that they would go ahead with the lower-priced reservation should know that most rooms are no longer available.

As guests who were trying to make a reservation shared on X, the majority of the dates are practically sold out.

One wrote in Japanese,

1:05 and already fully booked  Who can make a reservation????????????? By the way, there are some vacant rooms. Over 300,000. Can I stay? ( ̄▽ ̄;) The person who made the reservation is amazing. (Translated)

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Another guest humorously responded, ” (translated) It only took a few minutes to reach. Paying over 300,000 yen for a stay is amazing. Inbound? Tour? Over 300,000 yen per room per night If 30 people stay, it will cost 10,000 yen, but 30 people is a bit much.”

For fans who are unfamiliar with the conversion rate, JPÂ¥300,000 is worth approximately $1,919.86, which is close to $2000.

It will certainly be interesting to see how well this hotel does, considering its prices; however, it’s worth noting that Oriental Land Company has made astute investments in the past and likely wouldn’t have made this investment if it weren’t certain it would have a worthy ROI.

And Fantasy Springs is a worthy investment, if fan reception is anything to go by.


Opening on June 6, Fantasy Springs has some incredibly exciting lands on the menu for guests to enjoy. These lands are inspired by Tangled, Peter Pan, and Frozen. Attractions like Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey in the Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival boat ride in Rapunzel’s Forest, and the immersive 3D experience of Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure are all drawing a lot of attention.

There are also many a Fantasy Springs restaurant that fans have to be excited about. Frozen Kingdom has restaurants like the Royal Banquet of Arendelle, which is a counter-service restaurant located inside Arendelle Castle, and shops like Fantasy Springs Gifts.

Disney Park and Disney hotel guests certainly have a lot to be excited about.

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