Deprived of a Beloved Disney Attraction, Fans Must Flock to a New Park To Enjoy It Again

An animatronic bear wearing a red cap and playing a guitar is in the foreground. In the background, is the Splash Mountain theme park ride featuring a detailed rock and wooden structure with water flowing down a log flume attraction.
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One fan-favorite Disney attraction that has been unavailable to American fans for months now is now officially open again…just a tad further away than one might hope.

Going to any Disney Resort anywhere in the world is most certainly an experience to write home about. From the amazing rides and attractions on offer at any Disney theme park to the wonderful delicacies that fans can enjoy, there’s a lot to love about the Disney experience.

However, there are parts of the Disney Park experience that are less-then-savory for fans: closures.

Disney fans have become unfortunately used to the closure of some of their favorite rides at a Disney theme park, but it’s undoubtedly salt in the wound when that same ride is still available for fans to enjoy across the oceans.

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Disney World woke

The now-closed Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

The first instance of this kind of occurrence was with the beloved Splash Mountain. The ride, which opened in 1989 in the Disneyland Resort and 1992 in the Walt Disney World Resort, quickly became an iconic ostensible mainstay in the Disney park ecosystem.

The attraction was inspired by the now-controversial movie Song of the South (1946), which followed the story of young seven-year-old Johnny (Bobby Driscoll), who visits his grandmother’s plantation in the US state of Georgia. At the plantation, he meets an elderly worker, Uncle Remus, who tells him stories of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear.

The story was set during the Reconstruction era, shortly after the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery.

Seeing as the movie and storyline dealt with some difficult themes, and according to many present-day critics, didn’t deal with them very well, The Walt Disney Company eventually decided to pull the movie from its platforms and essentially pretend the movie never existed.

It did the same for Splash Mountain—the log flume ride inspired by the movie—which is now being replaced by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in the United States theme parks. However, Splash Mountain is still available for fans to enjoy, just far across the oceans in Tokyo Disney Resort.

Now, it appears there’s another attraction that’s in the same situation.

Country Bear Jamboree, currently only to be found at Tokyo Disney Resort in the form of Country Bear Vacation Jamboree, was shut down permanently at Disneyland Resort back in 2001. It is presently undergoing refurbishment and is temporarily closed at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort as well.

However, as of May 17, the attraction is, once again, open at the Tokyo Disney Resort in its overlay, making it the second attraction that is loved by fans that they can currently only experience at an international Disney Park.

While the attraction is set to open later this summer at Disney World, for now we don’t yet have an opening date for this classic Disney mainstay.

Let’s hope that fans will be able to enjoy the Disney Park attraction at the Central Florida Disney Resort sooner rather than later once again.

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