Disney World Hotel Invites Surprising and Adorable New Mascot

An outdoor scene at Four Seasons Orlando featuring a large two-story building with arched windows and a terracotta roof. In front, there are winding water slides surrounded by lush green palm trees and foliage under a clear blue sky with scattered clouds, perfect for families with babies.
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The Four Seasons Orlando has playfully accepted the application of a young baby as its mascot after a video of the young one went viral online.

The Walt Disney World Resort is known for being a magical destination where Disney lovers and fans can enjoy the Disney experience. There’s a reason this Disney Park has earned the moniker “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” One of the best parts of Disney World is its family-friendly environment.

Recently, a viral video also proved just how much children (and even babies) look forward to a visit to the Disney Resort, and particularly, a hotel on its premises.

cinderella castle, magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Brian McGowan, Unsplash

The video of a baby being excited about going to the Four Seasons Orlando went viral on TikTok, amassing over 28 million views and over 371,600 shares. The family who shared the video captioned it, “I’m weak. if the @FourSeasons is looking for a baby ambassador, my niece got you #fourseasonsbaby.” 

The official account for Four Seasons Orlando even responded to the video, with all of the staff from various departments in the resort throwing their hands in the air in excitement.

Fans were incredibly excited at the possibility of this baby becoming the new “baby ambassador,” especially considering how adorably the young girl responded to her aunt’s question.

“He’s the face of four season Orlando,” one commenter wrote.

“GIVE THAT BABY BAG BOSS,” another wrote.

A luxurious resort pool area with fountains and stone arches. Several people, including a young family, are enjoying the water, with some standing near the fountains. In the background are elegant buildings and palm trees. The image has an "Official Walt Disney World Hotel" logo in the top right corner.

Four Seasons Orlando, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Four Seasons Orlando,

The manager of the Disney World-located hotel told TMZ that he was surprised but incredibly happy to see that reaction from the baby.

He shared, “We were so happy to see such a reaction from the baby and family. We are not surprised that it had such an impact on social media. We are really happy about it.”

He also added that the hotel was not opposed to hiring the little child as an ambassador, joking that they would take a look “at the credentials and the resume of the baby.”

animal kingdom tree of life joe rohde

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park / Credit: Theme Park Tourist, Flickr

It’s undeniably heartwarming to witness the delightful conclusion to this charming tale, featuring the most joyous baby to grace our screens in quite some time! The little one’s infectious smile truly lights up the video, spreading pure joy and happiness to all who have the pleasure of seeing her big smile.

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