Disney Has Had Enough of Live Streamers, Issues Warning

Disney's World Famous Jungle Crusie Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Over the years, the use of social media has absolutely exploded, changing the way people interact with each other. The popularity of social media has definitely been felt at Disney theme parks, but whether that is a good thing is debatable.

There are a ton of people who visit the parks and just want to share their love of Disney, and they do it in a respectful way. Unfortunately, there are a fair number of “influencers” who have gained a reputation for being obnoxious and rude to other guests.

Mean Disney Influencer

Credit: Joey Swoll TikTok

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One of the more controversial parts of social media use in theme parks comes in the form of live-streaming. Most people don’t have an issue with live-streaming while walking through the parks or eating at an outdoor table.

That feeling, however, changes when it comes to live-streaming on a ride. That is because many live-streamers will talk while streaming, and most people don’t want to ride an attraction and listen to some random guest talk the whole time.

Jack Doherty banned from Disney

Credit: Jack Doherty TikTok

While Disney does not typically shut down live-streamers, they do seem to recognize that there is a problem. And they are trying to address it their own special, Disney way.

You may or may not know that you can request a plastic bag for your phone or other valuables at Disney’s World-Famous Jungle Cruise in Disneyland Park. The bag is a really cute Ziploc with a special design, just for the Jungle Cruise. But one guest recently noticed new notes on the bag.

Jungle Cruise ride at disneyland resort in california

Credit: Disneyland Resort

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The guest admitted they were live-streaming on the ride and the note served as a somewhat warning, basically asking them not to do it in the future.

Was Live Streaming the park and was handed this as I exited the Jungle Cruise, made my Day for sure

I Was handed this as I got off the Jungle Cruise by one of the Skippers
byu/JerrodDRagon inDisneyland

Commenters immediately sided with Disney, saying that the guest should not have been bothering others by live-streaming.

i would have thrown your phone into the backside of water (which is more dangeous than the front side)

Others said that, while they appreciated Disney’s humor, they wished there was more of a crackdown on people who live-stream on rides and distract other riders.

I thought it was funny, got the joke. Let’s not label all streamers just because there’s a few asinine ones. Cellphones, pictures, video all part of our world today. EVERYONE… share and record your memories. But BE COURTEOUS, yes it’s a magical place. But do not diminish others memories while doing so.

jungle cruise animatronics

Credit: Disney

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Of course, there are those who find absolutely nothing wrong with someone live-streaming a Disney ride or attraction. Recently, Disney podcaster Carly Wisel controversially stated that it was perfectly fine to live-stream rides.

Using your phone to film on rides tends to be a hot button issue, but I actually see no problem with it. Between Genie+, Lightning Lanes and Virtual Queues, you’re likely going to be on your phone most of the day at Disney World anyway, so it would be strange to expect someone to put their device away once they’re experiencing the incredible rides and attractions Disney has to offer.

These places are intended for memory making, so filming your loved ones or even your on board surroundings is to be expected.

Disneyland Jungle Cruise

Credit: Disney

If you do plan on live-streaming while on a Disney attraction, please remember to be courteous to the other riders. Film without talking, since no one wants to listen to you narrate.

If you are on a dark ride, make sure your camera light is off and your screen is dimmed. The other guests paid just as much as you did to be there and deserve to enjoy the attractions the way they were meant to.

Do you think Disney should allow guests to live-stream on its rides? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. No, No, and NO! it is fine if family are filming family to enjoy memories next week or for years to come. But someone filming and narrating the video to post on their social media site or to be llivestreaming while I’m trying to enjoy the ride… tired of it… soe NO.
    I also think so called influencers who are making fun of people like the example above should be boycotted by US. Stop tuning in if you don’t like what they are doing.

  2. When they are ruined in the ride for the other people.That’s where the problems arise. They need to do what universal does no cameras on rides period. If they want to show the can get APO.V from Disney to post on their sites.Why must they ruin the experience for the individuals on the ride with them. There are certain bloggers that I enjoy main reason.They respeveryone around them. Is it?
    Too much to ask for all of them to behave this way.

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