Disney Influencer Faces Backlash For Racist Tirade

Racist Disney TikTok
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Influencers have become a plague on the Disney community. While some are undeniably great, many others are not. The rise of Influencers coincides with the rise of bad behavior in guests at Disney Parks. That’s not a coincidence. Influencers survive on followers and clicks. The more sensational the post, the more clicks it gets. That’s why influencers Continue to push the envelope.

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy some Disney Influencers. As content creators ourselves, we appreciate the work they put in to create meaningful and entertaining videos. They’re not all created equal though. The ones that share with heart and out of a genuine love of the Parks are the ones that get our attention.

One TikTokker, however, has caused quite a stir for all the wrong reasons. User @soulful.sarahtonin went live on the site recently and went on a racist rant mocking Asians. While using a dramatized generic Asian accent, she enacted several stereotypes that many viewers found to be hurtful. She then started laughing and said, “that’s so wrong.”

Racist Disney tiktok

Credit: TikTok/@soulful.sarahtonin

She claimed she was copying a comedy skit by Angjelah Johnson, a Latina comedian. Many people commented that what she had said wasn’t OK and some even attempted to educate her on why it was wrong and how propping up stereotypes can hurt vulnerable communities. She wasn’t hearing any of it though and blocked anyone who had anything negative to say on the topic.

The livestream was delivered in a stand up comedy style, while walking down Main Street USA. She claims she was just making jokes, and it does seem as though she thought she was. However, a lot of her audience wasn’t laughing. During the course of her video she got irritated with people who called her out. When the comments on her livestream didn’t go her way she began to whine that she just wanted happy vibes only. Comments with the hashtag #stopasianhate began to fill the comment section.

Since the video was posted, there has been an outcry on social media. People who are friends with the creator are being asked if they will condemn her, and then being bullied until they do  u followed if they don’t. One user felt so strongly about th incident  they created an entire TikTok account devoted to holding Sarah accountable.people continuously post comments on her videos asking her to apologize.

So far, she has not apologized. She seems to be removing comments and blocking those who have attempted to educate her. She insists what she did was not hurtful, despite many Asian viewers informing her that they were,in fact, hurt.

Racist Disney TikTok

Credit: Tiktok/@soulful. Sarahtonin

The years post-COVID have been hard ones for people of Asian descent. There has been an uptick in racially-motivated violence against Asians in the last few years due to people unfairly blaming people of Asian descent for the Pandemic. The hashtag #stopasianhate has grown in pupoulardue to this unfortunate trend (for lack of a better word). The original livestream is no longer available on TikTok but other have shared it. You can check it out here.



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