Guests Behaving Badly: Trouble on Haunted Mansion

Haunted mansion fight


If there’s one thing we Disney fans can all agree on, it’s that flash photography on Disney rides are an absolute no-go. It is a Pet peeve among guests almost across the board. There is signage prohibiting the activity at the entrance of every Disney ride amd Cast Members remind riders that the activity is prohibited.  

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That doesn’t stop people from doing it, though. Every day you’ll find at least one guest who disregards this and does what they want. That’s what recently happened on the Haunted Mansion, sparking an altercation.

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts

Credit: Disney

One guest took to Reddit to recount their experience. Redditor u/simplicityGardner explained that one couple was filming the stretching room scene, complete with flash without regard for those around them.  When the scene was over the Redditor approached them and told her that her behavior was unnecessary and that what she had just filmed was available on youtube. 

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They didn’t get the reaction they had hoped for it seems because the guest did not seem remorseful for their actions. They responded, “Do you feel better now?” This prompted the Redditor to lose their cool and things almost took a violent turn before the posters wife jumped in between them to cool the situation down. 



This type of guest behavior (on both fronts) has been happening more and more recently. Disney has been trying to combat it by cracking down. There are now warnings about being “the magic you wish to see” on the Walt Disney World website and  cameras are being banned altogether on some rides. 

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A ride on a doom buggy as a guest of the Ghost Host is supposed to be thrills and chills but it shouldn’t be because of guest behavior. Madame Leota, the Hatbox Ghost, and Constance Hatchaway should be the most vicious creatures on the ride. 


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