“Ban Your A**”: Fitness Leader Calls Out Disney “Influencers” Who Shame Guests

Joey Swoll Shames Mean Disney Influencers
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In recent years, social media has absolutely exploded, far beyond the time when MySpace and Facebook were the only platforms available. Now, there’s Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Threads, TikTok, YouTube, and more. With the explosion of social media has come the uptick in social media “influencers.”

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Social media influencers have become more controversial in recent years, as more and more of these “influencers” are being called out for bad behavior. This is especially true in the Disney community. Disney “influencers” are a quick-growing group, but some are willing to do whatever it takes to get the attention, the likes, and the clicks.

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However, one fitness guru has had enough of certain Disney influencers, and he took to TikTok to make his opinion known.

Joey Swoll is a well-known fitness influencer whose main goal is to end what he considers to be a toxic gym culture. Swoll will call out those who try to shame people going to the gym. He will encourage everyone to never give up on themselves, to keep working hard, and to not let anyone discourage them from reaching their goals.

Joey Swoll

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Swoll recently came across a disturbing trend on TikTok — wanna-be Disney “influencers” making fun of the people who ended up in the background of the photos they were taking in the parks. He decided to call these people out for thinking that they have the right to insult people just enjoying their day in at The Happiest Place on Earth.


The narcissism today is unreal. People think they’re the main character everywhere they go. #fyp

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One of the things that bothered Swoll the most was that the “influencers” had the nerve to call the other people in the photos “Disney Karens.” It should be noted that the people in the photos didn’t appear to do anything wrong. All they did was walk into the background as the photo was being taken.

“So you titled the cover of this video, ‘Disney Karens ruining your pictures.’ Really? Imagine going to a busy theme park like Disneyland, standing in the middle of a busy street to take a photo and getting upset with people that look at you as they walk past you?”

“A photo, by the way, that you’re going to post on social media for the entire world to see. The narcissism today is unbelievable. These influencers think that just because they have a phone and a camera they can do what they want. They can disrespect people just to get likes and views. “

mean Disney Influencers

Credit: Joey Swoll TikTok

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He points out that the people who are being made fun of paid the same amount of money to get into the theme parks as the so-called “influencers.” That means that they get to enjoy their time in the parks as much as the next person. Those people do not need to be made the subject of ridicule just because they wandered into a photo.

Mean Disney Influencer

Credit: Joey Swoll TikTok

So, what does Joey Swoll think should happen to these “influencers”? Well, if he were in charge, he would ban them until they learned to respect people.

If you are planning to head to Disney and take photos for your social media page, please remember to be kind and be patient. The parks are going to be crowded, and it will be nearly impossible to get a photo with no one in the background. You will have a much more pleasant day in the parks if you just focus on having fun.

Do you agree with Joey Swoll’s view of Disney influencers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Joey is right on the money, as he always is in his videos. People seriously need to stop being douches!

  2. I agree with Chris! These extreme narcissists aren’t worth the time or effort to give them a millisecond of time.. ooh the “Wanna be Famous’s”. Sadly these are the people
    Who will, have or never know kindness! Keep up the good work Joey Swoll! Goodness and kindness has sort of disappeared these days! My parents taught me do good things and good things will come to you!!

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