Have Disney Influencers Officially Become a Problem In the Parks?

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If you’re a Disney fan who frequents social media, chances are you’ve seen Disney Influencers through the screen. For the most part, Disney Influencer content is so happy, cheerful, and exciting. Many of us enjoy living vicariously through them as they visit a different Disney Park every day.

Sometimes, we even make plans after watching an influencer’s video on social media, sending the videos to our friends, and saying, “We have got to try this!” But the harsh reality of Disney Influencers is that things are not what they appear.

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It’s no secret that Guest behavior has gotten out of hand in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, although their content is engineered to make viewers as excited as possible, influencers can be a big part of the problem. We often hear stories of entitled influencers insisting that they have special rights because of their occupation. Unfortunately, the entitlement doesn’t stop, even in the Most Magical Place on Earth.

It’s not uncommon for visiting Guests to feel alienated or inconvenienced by Disney influencers who visit the Parks every other day. Constant streaming and recording can make other Guests uncomfortable, especially if they haven’t consented to being filmed. Sometimes, influencers continue filming while on rides or during shows, which can be very distracting and disruptive for other Guests.

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One Disney fan took to social media, asking Reddit users about their worst influencer encounter at the Parks. The replies were shocking.

Reddit user r/Matcha_Maiden responded, writing:

At Disneyland I had the displeasure of being on Thunder Mountain with Best Life and Beyond. I’ve posted about this before but they were a few seats away, holding their arms up filming, being incredibly loud. Like- too loud for people that have been on that ride thousands of times before.

Then as we exited they partially blocked the exit to film their “reaction” I guess and forced everyone to squeeze by them. I don’t know if they were ignorant or on a power trip or what.

For someone that doesn’t make it to the parks every day like them, it was an extremely sour experience.

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User r/ZenrayX contributed to the thread as well:

An influencer demanding a table in the center of Space 220 because covering parks for the community is their job. This was after they had already been seated and told the tables they were referring to were for other reservations.

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Another notable contribution comes from r/night-otter, who writes:

Not sure if she was influencer or wanting to be.

Lady in her mid-20s (???), with rather large decollage, wearing string tank top that was a few sizes too small for her.

Had someone taking pictures of her with a high end DSLR camera. As she posed provocatively, with several bending forward so far you expected [her top to fall off].

Last we saw was security person heading for her.

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Across the world, Tokyo Disney has effectively banned streaming and influencers inside its property due to the inherent disruption it can cause. Only time can tell if other Disney Parks will follow suit. In the meantime, Disney Dining will keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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