Guests Are Getting Tired of the Rampant Line-Cutting In Disney Parks

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In its 100 years of existence, the Walt Disney Company has created an empire out of its reputation. Disneyland Resort is known as the Happiest Place on Earth, and Walt Disney World Resort is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth. When you visit, it can often feel like nothing will ruin your Disney day!

Until other Guess begin cutting in front of you in the lines.

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There’s nothing that can sour a mood more than an entitled Guest, which often ruins the magic for the other Guests visiting the Disney Park. It’s hard to pinpoint an entitled Guest, but you know them when you see them. Examples include keeping their phones on during dark rides, getting right in front of another party during a parade or fireworks, being rude to Cast Members, and the most frustrating of all: cutting in line.

One Guest witnessed an altercation that occurred at the Magic Kingdom Park. A fight broke out at the Walt Disney World amusement park as Guests were trying to get in line for the Monorail.

Well things got ugly on the monorail line tonight.
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Immediately, replies and comments began pouring in with one unanimous opinion: line-cutting has gotten out of hand.

One Reddit user responds, writing, “I really wish Disney would take a harsh stance on line cutters.” To which another Reddit user answers, “Exactly, it shouldn’t fall to the guests to enforce.”

Another user adds, “The only reason why guests take it into their own hands is because Disney won’t enforce it.”

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It’s no secret that Guests are frustrated with entitled, line-cutting Guests who are also visiting the Parks. But now that social media and the age of widespread information show that some Guests have begun fighting due to this frustration, we have to wonder if Disney will begin implementing anti-line-cutting measures.

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After all, it definitely ruins the magic for other Guests when line-cutters pass by everybody to reunite with someone in their party. In some cases, it can be downright dangerous. Will Disney do something to deter line-cutting in the Parks? Only time will tell.

Until then, Disney Dining will keep readers up to date on the latest news regarding the issue.

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