Guests Were Forced to Evacuate This Disney World Resort Hotel In the Middle of the Night

Walt Disney World Resort is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, and while you’re visiting, the Walt Disney Company truly does everything possible to make your stay as magical as possible. The company wants the Disney Parks and Resort hotels to be so immersive that Guests can leave behind any troubles of the real world and focus solely on the fun.

However, some things are simply out of anyone’s control and are bound to happen, such as an emergency evacuation.

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Unfortunately, while it is incredibly rare that a Walt Disney World Resort hotel would require its Guests to evacuate, it’s not impossible. As storms such as Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Irma, and Tropical Storm Nicole rampage through Central Florida, for example, some Walt Disney World Resort operations are interrupted, cut short, or canceled altogether, resulting in emergency measures being taken.

But this was no hurricane or tropical storm, meaning there was no storm surge or evacuation order.

3 Bedroom Grand Villa

3 Bedroom Grand Villa at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort (Credit: glassslipperconcierge.com)

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According to one Guest’s post on social media, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was reportedly evacuated late last night (or early in the morning, however you look at it). The original poster’s comments reveal that a fire alarm went off in the early hours of the morning at the Disney hotel, resulting in a mandatory evacuation.

Anyone else from Wilderness Lodge here at 3am after our mass evacuation? 🙃
byu/SaveMeFromTheseKids inWaltDisneyWorld

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Throughout the thread, Guests who had also experienced the evacuation of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort were speculating about what could have caused the fire alarm to go off. The original poster writes that it was “Likely just a fire in the kitchens or something” and recommends staying at the beautiful Resort despite the experience.

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Although we have very little information about the situation, Walt Disney World has yet to make any statements. This implies that everything turned out okay and that no one was hurt. However, Disney Dining will keep audiences updated as the situation unfolds.

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