Disney Park Replaced, Thousands of Dollars Saved

A lively street scene features a charming building labeled "City Hall," adorned with colorful red, white, and blue bunting reminiscent of the decor at Disneyland Paris. Visitors, including families with strollers, stroll along the pathway under a partly cloudy sky, enjoying the festive atmosphere.
Credit: Disney

It seems some fans are done paying through their teeth to afford a Disney vacation and have found an alternative they much prefer instead.

It’s evident that the expenses associated with visiting renowned Disney Parks such as the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort have significantly risen in recent years. From the escalating prices of flight tickets to the overall expenditure on accommodations, dining, and other amenities within any Disney property, the cost of experiencing these magical destinations has indeed surged.

This trend is not limited to Disney Parks alone; it extends to various global theme parks, including Disneyland Paris. The monetary investment required for a memorable visit to such attractions has become more substantial, reflecting the growing demand for immersive and top-tier entertainment experiences worldwide.

A good example is Disneyland Paris. Fans have bemoaned the prices at Disneyland Paris time and again, and they’ve reached a point where they’ve started finding replacements.

sleeping beauty castle in disneyland paris

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Parc Disneyland (Disneyland Park), Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

A theme park north of Paris—45 minutes north, to be specific—is one proposed Disneyland Paris alternative. As one park guest explained, “A two-night stay this month for a family of four at Parc AstĂ©rix starts from €546 (ÂŁ470), including three-star accommodation in La CitĂ© Suspendue.” In comparison, at Disney, the three-star Sequoia Lodge starts at €1,600 (ÂŁ1,373).

Parc AstĂ©rix first opened its gates in 1989. It’s become a French mainstay and a hot favorite among families in France. The amusement park was built on forest-covered countryside and Barclays made an 850 million Francs investment to bring it to its current state.

It draws much inspiration and themes from the ancient cultures of the Roman Empire and the Egyptians.

The theme park has been doing better recently, and in 2023 even had a record year with 2.3 million visitors. While this doesn’t hold a candle to Disneyland Paris’s 14 million, it’s still a sizeable number.

walt disney studios park disneyland paris

Disney Adventure World, formerly known as Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

From enjoying a variety of thrill rides to taking in the comic book series Asterix by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny-inspired entertainment, fans have a lot to love about the amusement park.

One fan who had also seemingly made the same decision as the original author explained in French (translated),

When you hesitate between #Disneylandparis and #ParcAxterix and compare prices to decide… ultimately the choice is very quickly made. We should explain why it has become so expensive for Disneyland!

Would you choose Park Astérix over Disneyland Paris? Let Disney Dining know in the comments! 

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