Disney Park Dreams Canceled After Strikes Sweep Through

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A guest’s Disney vacation was thrown into complete disarray after strikes swept through, canceling flights at Charles De Gaulle Airport. 

Thursday, 25 April, saw widespread flight cancellations across one of the busiest airports in the world, Charles De Gaulle in Paris. SNCTA, the largest union representing air traffic controllers in France, threatened to go on strike for 24 hours to demand better pay and working conditions. 

It’s worth noting that this wasn’t the only union to threaten this action. The largest air traffic controllers union filed a notice to go on strike on Thursday in protest of the restructuring of worker’s rights.

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Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

Two other unions, UNSA-INCA (the National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions) and Usac-Cgt (another air controller union), had also made it known they were going on strike.

Now, SNCTA canceled their strike for April 25 when they came to an agreement about their pay and working conditions. 

However, by the time the strike was called off, France’s DGAC civil aviation authority had already ordered flight cancellations—which meant many had to suffer through trips and money that went down the drain.

One particular would-be Disneyland Paris guest then took to Reddit to share this update and ask if Disney would refund their ticket after the cancellation. The Disney Park visitor asked, “Flights cancelled to Charles De Gaulle due to strike can I get a refund from Disney as won’t make it in time ?”

Flights cancelled
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Of course, many guests noted that this was an incredibly unlikely possibility, considering no company would refund tickets unless they were directly related or responsible for the cancelation.

One commented, “Unless flights were booked via disney its HIGHLY unlikely you will get anything from them directly as there are more than one way to travel, if booked directly they should first offer alternatives then as a final resort may offer a refund, if all booked separately then I pray you have travel insurance that covers industrial action otherwise you can expect nothing.

Another helped the OP by pointing them toward other refund opportunities, “Are you flying from the UK? If so, contact the airline. They are legally required to provide you with a full refund or replacement flights to your destination. If the replacement flights also delay you by 3 hours or more, you’re also entitled to compensation. You are also entitled to compensation if the cancellation is 14 days or less to your scheduled departure.”

walt disney studios park disneyland paris

Disney Adventure World, formerly known as Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

A few others also explained that the guest should look into other modes of transportation instead.

They recommended, “Not sure about refunds but maybe have a look at alternatives if you are able to. Worst case scenario would be a coach. Go on the check my bus website and have a look. Sometimes they will take you straight to Disneyland from the uk on an overnight coach. I have done it a couple of times with my family. This is if you can’t get there buy car or Eurostar. Hope you get it sorted!

Have you ever been in a situation like this? How did you handle it? Let Disney Dining know in the comments!

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