Protesters Swarm the Castle During Heated Cast Member Strike

Disneyland Paris with Mickey
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A shocking scene took place at a Disney Park earlier today.

This past year has been turbulent for the Walt Disney Company. Of the many issues that have crossed Disney CEO Bob Iger’s desk this past year, the ongoing Cast Member strikes have been one of the most significant. At numerous Disney Parks worldwide, employees of the Disney Parks have been fighting for higher wages at their jobs.

Earlier this year, those protests gained major news traction and became a huge story. Protests at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort eventually came to a close when Disney agreed to raise the wages for their theme Park Cast Members.

While it might be a happily ever after for Cast Members in the United States, the battle abroad is far from over.

disneyland paris cast member strike blocks main street

Credit: DLP Report

Cast Member Protests Hit New Peak at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a magical place where millions of visitors come every year to see their favorite Disney characters, ride thrilling attractions, and experience unparalleled entertainment. However, behind the scenes, Disney magic is not always as enchanting for the Park’s employees. Recently, the Disneyland Paris Cast Member strike, which started in February of this year, has been making headlines across the world.

The Disneyland Paris Cast Member Strike was ignited when Disney workers in Paris raised their voices to protest the low salaries they earn for such strenuous work. Protesting Cast Members hope to see better working conditions, more pay, and more job security. They claim that Disney management has been unresponsive to their demands, forcing them to go on strike.

Disneyland Paris D-Light

Credit: Disney

Cast Member Protest Takes Over Main Street

Guests entering Disneyland Paris today were in for quite a sight when they witnessed a massive crowd of protesters swarm Sleeping Beauty Castle. @DLPReport on Twitter explained;

“Striking Disneyland Paris Cast Members are back in Disneyland Park this afternoon. The protest is expected to continue for the rest of the day.”

Disneyland Paris protest

Credit: @DLPReport on Twitter

Hopefully, an agreement between Disneyland Paris and its Cast Members can come soon. As of now, Disney is offering rescheduling for families whose trips have been affected by the protests.

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