Should ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ Replace Country Bear Jamboree?

Bear replace Country Bear Jamboree

First debuting in 1997, the children’s television series, “Bear in the Big Blue House,” is regaining popularity… and fast! But, could we see Bear and his friend make their way into the Disney Parks?

Bear in the Big Blue House

While the last episode of Bear in the Big Blue House aired in 2006, the reruns of the show have since gained traction when they landed on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+. It seems like Disney fans can’t get enough of Bear, Tutter the Mouse, Ojo, Treelo, Otters Pip and Pop, Shadow, Luna the Moon, and Ray the Sun.

Bear in the Big Blue House
Credit: Disney

Disney+ describes the series as “Bear in the Big Blue House provides children with valuable tools for growth in key areas of music, social skill development, and cognitive learning through integrated programs combing music, movement, and exploration. With Bear and all his friends, learn about cooperation, teamwork and more.”

There is a span of four seasons of Bear, surmounting over 100 episodes for young (and old) to enjoy on Disney+. But, could we see “Bear in the Big Blue House” make its way into the Disney Parks?

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Disney Park Possibilities?

Noel MacNeal (@NoelMacNeal), a talented American puppeteer and the director, writer, voice, and puppeteer of Bear from “Bear in the Big Blue House,” took to social media to share his excitement that Bear is on Disney+.

Note in the video below, MacNeal mentions Disney Park possibilities:


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♬ Goodbye Song (From “Bear in The Big Blue House”) – Karaoke Version – Urock Karaoke

MacNeal points out that “Disney notices things like this” in reference to Bear trending on Disney+. “Maybe they’d like to have the same kind of experiences in the Parks?” He also asks the question, “Would you want to see Bear and his friends back in the Disney Parks?”

In addition to the possibility of Bear in the Parks, MacNeal shares the possibilities of Disney+ offering new content of Bear in the Big Blue House in the form of short videos or a Disney+ original movie.

But where would Bear and his friends fit at Walt Disney World Resort? It makes the Disney mind wonder!

Country Bear Jamboree
Credit: Disney

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While Disney officials have yet to confirm Bear’s introduction into the Disney Parks, we know that Disney doesn’t add new attractions as easily as they replace current ones.

Could Disney look at replacing something such as the iconic Country Bear Jamboree with Bear in the Big Blue House? Surely the beloved character Big Al, and others such as Liver Lips McGrowl will stay put… right?

Country Bear Jamboree

Sorry, MacNeal, while we aren’t sure if Disney has plans to add Bear in the Big Blue House to the parks, we know it will not replace the iconic bears park guests have fallen in love with at Country Bear Jamboree.

Big Al at Country Bear Jamboree
Big Al at Country Bear Jamboree (Credit: Disney)

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The iconic Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Magic Kingdom Park is set to close on January 27, 2024, to make way for a new, reimagined experience in its place.

The brand-new experience will reportedly pay homage to classical musical revues in Nashville, Tennessee. Imagineers are working with musicians from the Nashville area so they can capture the authentic sound they’re striving for.

A few things are staying the same–Trixie, Big Al, and many other recognizable characters from the attraction will return, but the newly-reimagined experience will have a slight name change: The Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Country Bear Jamboree
Credit: Disney

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Bear in Other Disney Parks?

Or, could Disney look to place Bear at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Surely, Bear wouldn’t replace the current Muppet*Vision 3D? Or how about joining the Disney Junior cast at Disney Junior Play and Dance?

Could Bear in the Big Blue House find a new home in the unknown future of DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Or even take up residence somewhere amid EPCOT’s Park overhaul?

Between 1999 and 2001, Bear did have a spot in the Disney Parks with a show called “Bear in the Big Blue House: Live on Stage.” It was an interactive stage show for kids with Playhouse Disney at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Bear in the Big Blue House at Playhouse Disney Live on Stage
Credit: D23

Could Bear be making a grand comeback? Only time will tell if Bear in the Big Blue House is truly worthy of Disney Park space once again.

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  1. Why are they trying to remove everything that is good about Disney World. Do not change Country Bear Jamboree, I have being going since I was 9 and I am 63 now and the Country Bear Jamboree has always been a staple.

  2. Absolutely not that would be a horrible mistake to put bear in the big blue house in there

  3. Why not put Bear back at Playhouse Disney at HS? As a 52 year old woman, I would see it multiple times. But leave Country Bears as is.

  4. Bear in the Big Blue House is catered to children more than adults. The Country Bears can be for both young and old. Even if the bears do not stay “Country” and their music changes, it’s still not kiddie-fied, like Bear in Blue House.