Disney to Use Theme Parks and Disney+ Tracking Data to “Customize” Guest Experience

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When you take a Walt Disney World vacation, you know that it will be pretty easy for Disney to know what you are up to. They know where you are staying, what Parks you are visiting on what days, and even what attractions you are riding — between Disney Genie+, PhotoPass, and the Disney MagicBand. Disney also keeps track of your watching habits when you use its streaming platform, Disney+.

However, what if you were told that Disney plans on actively tracking you, then combining the data that they have from you — from your time in the Parks and your Disney streaming habits — to customize both your Disney vacation and Disney+?

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Well, according to a recently leaked investor call, that is exactly what Disney is planning on doing. Disney CEO Bob Chapek was on a call with Disney shareholders and said:

If we can have a universal Guest experience, recognize that a person who spent seven days in the Park, 24 hours a day, and we know all that information about them, is the exact same person who watches XYZ on Disney+. We can identify that person as the same one and they give us the ability to use the data that way, we can now customize and personalize an experience way beyond anything we’ve ever been able to do before, bringing now the two pieces of the Walt Disney Company into one for one common Guest experience that will give us a competitive advantage. Because who else has got the physical, deep physical data that you get on somebody if they spend 7 days and they essentially live with you for a week? And then how does that affect what they see on Disney+? 

So, Disney+ will be conscious of what you do in a Park and will then feed you information, not on people that look like you in terms of viewing habits, people that watch this watch that, therefore, we’ll feed you this — we’ll do it specifically on what you did during your seven days and visca versa. What you watch on Disney+ will have an impact on your Guest experience at the Parks. 

And I think that’s going to put us in a tremendous position of competitive adventage. 

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You can listen to the actual audio clip below, which was shared on Twitter by theme park insider, Scott Gustin:

Disney CEO Bob Chapek talking about how your Disney+ viewing habits could soon impact your experience at the theme parks:

Even though Disney is capable of tracking your movements in the theme parks and your watching habits on Disney+, the company has not said how they will combine the two to customize the Guest experience.

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