PSA: Disney Mandates an End of Decades Old Theme Park Tradition

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This was undoubtedly a bold move for the Disney Parks to make!

One of the reasons that fans love the Disney theme parks is because of the community that the parks provide. At Disney, strangers can quickly become friends because of their shared passion and love for the Disney theme park and the Disney movies. Fans can also find a community through collecting Disney memorabilia. One of the most popular pieces to trade and collect are Disney pins.

At Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, Disney pin trading has taken up a lot of space at the park for years. Now, what that looks like will change in a big way.

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Massive Changes Come to Disney Park Hobby

Disneyland Resort made some important updates on its website early today, specifically addressing the guidelines for pin trading within Disneyland Resort. This initiative aims to enhance the overall pin-trading experience for guests while ensuring that specific measures are put in place to maintain the integrity of this beloved hobby. One of the notable changes highlighted in these guidelines is the official ban on utilizing benches as pin display structures within the park premises.

The newly implemented guidelines clearly state that benches or any other structures designated for the exclusive purpose of pin display are strictly prohibited. Instead, these structures are intended solely for seating purposes, ensuring that guests have comfortable places to rest and enjoy their time at the park. This decision aligns with Disneyland Resort’s commitment to maintaining a safe and organized pin trading environment while prioritizing the overall guest experience.

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The prohibition of the use of benches for pin display serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps prevent any potential overcrowding or congestion that may arise from excessive pin trading displays. By reserving benches for their intended purpose, guests can comfortably find a place to relax without feeling overwhelmed or restricted due to excessive pin displays.

For years, these benches have been monopolized by Disney pin traders, and Disney seeks to see these benches return to their intended purpose once more.

Pin Trading Sees New Guidelines

By introducing this ban on bench displays, Disneyland Resort hopes to foster an environment where pin trading thrives with creativity and interaction while also not hogging up valuable seating areas. The vibrant atmosphere of each Disney park is truly accentuated when guests interact and engage with each other, sharing their Disney trading pin collections and stories. With the focus shifting away from seated areas, many fans hope to see this hobby become more organized.

Several other guidelines have been implemented. Disneyland pin trading will be restricted to happening outside Disneyland Park near Westward Ho Trading Company from opening to 3:00 pm. Those who wish to trade pins will also only be allowed to bring in one trading bag.

Disneyland Resort has updated its website with comprehensive guidelines for pin trading within the theme parks; all further questions can be answered there.

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