Disney Puts an End to Pin-Trading at Popular Park Location

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This could be the end of an iconic Disney tradition!

Disney pin trading is a popular activity among Disney enthusiasts, allowing them to collect and trade unique pins representing their favorite characters, attractions, and events. This interactive experience adds an extra layer of magic to any Disney visit, as Guests love to engage with Cast Members and fellow pin traders to expand their collections and discover hidden gems.

Now, after over two decades of this hobby, Disney has restricted its spread.

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Does Disney Hate Pin Trading?

The tradition of Disney pin trading began in 1999 during the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort. It quickly gained traction and has since become a beloved pastime across all Disney Parks and resorts worldwide. Pin trading has even extended beyond the Parks, with dedicated events and online platforms that bring pin traders together from around the globe.

Disney offers a wide range of pins to cater to different interests and preferences. From character pins featuring beloved Disney princesses to attraction pins representing iconic rides like Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, there is something for everyone. Pin collectors can also find limited edition pins that commemorate special events or anniversaries, adding a sense of exclusivity to their collections.

To participate in pin trading, Guests can bring their own pins to the parks or purchase packs of a few pins to kickstart their collection. Cast members wearing pin trading lanyards are available throughout the Parks, ready to engage in a trade with Guests. Trading etiquette is an essential aspect of the experience, with Guests encouraged to be respectful and considerate when approaching others for a trade. It’s a great way to make new friends and share the excitement of Disney pin collecting.

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Beyond the parks, Disney pin trading has expanded to online communities and platforms. Enthusiasts can connect with fellow collectors through forums and social media groups, sharing their latest finds, organizing pin trading meetups, and even participating in online pin auctions. This digital aspect of pin trading has opened up new avenues for enthusiasts to grow their collections and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Pin Trading Brings Park Community Together

The popularity of pin trading has made the community more intense over time. Now, there are even dedicated fans who pin-trade nearly every day in certain Park areas. One of the most iconic but controversial pin trading locations is at the Adventureland benches in Disneyland Resort. Here, pin traders have pretty much dominated these Park benches and made them unavailable to all other Guests.

For years, fans have been begging Disney to do something to free up these benches. Now, as of October 16, something has been done.

Earlier today, one fan visiting Disneyland Resort noticed that the pin trader benches had been removed from the Park entirely. While the reason for their removal is unknown, it is indeed shocking.

No more pin trader benches!
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Fans are not thrilled with this potential solution, as it still denies Guests from having a place to sit. It will be fascinating to see if Disney allows these benches to return in the future!

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