Is Disney Trying to End Pin Trading at the Parks?

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One of the most exciting parts of being a Disney Parks fan is learning about all of the traditions that Guests have cultivated over the years. These traditions are some of the things that make Disney and the Disney community unlike any other.

If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you’ve heard of pin-trading Disney. This unique phenomenon allows Guests to trade Disney pins with other Guests or Cast Members, and it has become a favorite tradition for many. Pin trading is a fun and exciting way to collect souvenirs and memories from your Disney vacation.

Pin Trading: A Unique Disney Tradition

Pin trading Disney began in the early 1990s, and it quickly became a popular pastime among Guests of all ages. Today, Guests can purchase pins at any Disney Park or Disney store, or they can trade with other Guests and Cast Members throughout the parks. Disney pins come in a variety of styles and collections, including limited edition pins, special event pins, and even mystery boxes.

One of the best parts about pin trading in the Disney Parks is getting to trade with Cast Members on their pin boards. This is a great way to get rid of duplicate or unwanted pins, and it is also a fun way to get more involved in the community. Unfortunately, fans are fearing the worst after noticing that these boards are getting taken down within the Parks.

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Pin Boards Removed at Disney

A fan was shocked to see that the pinboards at Disneyland Resort were being removed. They shared their account, saying;

“Anyone notice the pin boards being taken down and not used anymore? People who have gone this past week said they are getting rid of them. I wonder if they are going back to lanyards or changing/canceling pin trading all together.”

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by u/lordofthebuns17 in Disneyland

Some fans think that Disney may be reconsidering the pin boards after the recent influx of pin traders. More fans than ever are participating in pin trading after it had a recent resurgence on TikTok. While many fans are thrilled to see the community take off, others worry that Disney may be trying to shut down the hobby before it gets out of control.

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