Disney FINALLY Takes a Stand Against Line-Cutters

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Justice has been served!

Bad behavior from Disney Parks Guests has seemingly been on the rise. Whether it be inappropriate clothing, rude behavior, or rule-breaking, Guests these days are making the jobs of Cast Members harder than they need to be.

One of the most frustrating and irritating things a Guest can do is cut a line. For years, Disney has not done much to deal with the line-cutting issue within the Parks, but that has all changed now.

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Disney Laying Down the Law on Line-Cutting

Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known for having long lines. Both of these Resorts have just received exciting new rides and attractions that have led to longer wait times for Guests.

Long lines are unfortunately to be expected at the Parks nowadays. This is especially the case during busy times of the year like spring break, summer, and other school holidays.

When you are waiting in line for a ride or attraction, one of the most irritating things that could happen to you is being cut in line. Unfortunately, more and more guests have reported instances of line-cutting recently.

Thankfully, it seems that Disney has finally taken a stand against these rude Guests.

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A Reddit user shared a story in the Disneyland Reddit community explaining a situation they witnessed within a Disney Park. This Guest was enjoying a day at Radiator Springs when they were cut in line by a Guest.

Luckily, a Cast Member stepped in to save the day. They said;

“I was just in line at Radiator Springs racers in the single line and a group of kids in front of me snuck into Lightning lane. Just before this I had heard a cast member warn another group of kids that if they jumped into the other line they’d be kicked out. Sure enough, as soon as the kids snuck over, they shortly walked back the other way with forlorn faces. Cheaters do not win today lol.”

The tale of the line cutters
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Fans in the community were pleased to hear that Disney employees are shutting down this bad Guest behavior.

Hopefully, we will start to see less of this behavior in the future at the theme Park.

Have you ever seen line cutting while in a Disney Park? Let us know about your experience in the comments. 

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  1. It’s about time. Nothing is more irritating than standing in line with your family and suddenly 5 or more people sneak in to “JOIN their family.”

    • That is not line cutting…someone standing in line while other members of their party run to the bathroom or pick up some food and then they catch up to them is NOT line cutting. At one time or another, everyone who is with a group has to do that..Line cutting is sneaking in when no one is looking or trying to sneak in the lightning lane…or going in the single rider lanes and then jumping over when they are close…that is line cutting. That is what needs to be stopped. Be patient with the other groups who are waiting in line the same amount of time aa you are and others have to catch up with them.

      • The problem is that many times when a group says that are catching up with family, they are lying. Or there is one person sent to get in line while the other ten family members are on another ride. Then they all go to the one holding the spot. Believe me I used to work at Toy Story and I’ve seen fights break out in the line many times because of people doing this. And it’s not allowed. One or two people on bathroom break but not a large group

  2. Yes, I,ve seen it happen at Disneyland Paris, people just turn a blind eye.

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