Man Allegedly Spit On Young Girl, Accused Her of Cutting Line at Popular Disney Attraction

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No matter what time of year you travel to the Walt Disney World Resort, more popular attractions will always have long lines. One of the most popular attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance — found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance opened at Hollywood Studios in December 2019 and has been one of — if not the — most popular rides at the theme park, with wait times averaging over 90 minutes.

Rise of the Resistance

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One of the rules of theme park etiquette dictates that you do not cut the line. Walt Disney World’s website even states that Guests are prohibited from engaging in inappropriate behavior, specifically listing line-cutting. However, sometimes a Guest needs to use the restroom or is meeting up with family and friends already in line. In most cases, the Guest trying to catch up with their party says “excuse me” and people move aside. Typically, when it’s one or two people, others in line don’t mind.

Rise of the Resistance

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According to a report released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one older Guest did mind and ended up spitting in a young girl’s face. The report states that 13-year-old Alanna and her father Julio were trying to catch up to their family, who were further up in the Rise of the Resistance queue. While trying to pass other Guests, it was stated that Julio got into a verbal argument with a man named Sebastian — 42 from Gainesville, Florida.

The Sheriff’s report said that Sebastian got mad that they were going in front of him when he had been waiting in line for a long time. He allowed Julio and Alanna to pass, but he then spit water at Alanna as she walked by, hitting her in the face.

Galaxy's Edge

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The man then got into another verbal altercation with Alanna’s father, and the two had to be separated by Disney management.

The young girl and her father declined to press charges, but told the officer that they wanted the incident to be documented. The 42-year-old Sebastian admitted to officers that he did spit in the girl’s face.

We do not know if the man was removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and banned for his incredibly inappropriate behavior.

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