Sheriffs Arrest Two Disney World Guests After Multiple Magic Kingdom Thefts

Disney World Arrest
Credit: Disney / Natalie Curling TikTok

On May 10, TikToker Natalie Curling was enjoying her day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. While magic is always in the air, and it seems that nothing bad can happen, Natalie and other Guests were hit with a dose of reality when a number of Orange County police officers descended on the Park. The officers arrested two men — possibly a father and son — and escorted them out of the Park in handcuffs, one with his arms high behind his back.

Cinderella Castle at Night

Credit: Disney

While their alleged crimes were unknown at the time, one Guest commented that they must have been serious. Typically, when Disney wants a Guest out of the Park, its own security team escorts them out. However, the fact that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was called, most likely meant that the crimes were more serious and charges could potentially be pressed.

You can watch the startling video below.


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There was also a large debate over the age of the younger of the two people arrested. While the video only shows one person being taken out in handcuffs, many were wondering if he was actually an adult. Natalie called him “a child” because she thinks that he was under the age of 18 and that the other man arrested — who was not seen in the video — was his father. Others thought that it was possible that the person was over the age of 18, but just barely. Some thought that maybe he was just a young-looking adult.

Magic Kingdom Arrest

Credit: Natalie Curling TikTok

Natalie posted a follow-up video, reinforcing the fact that she thought the person was under 18, and it was possibly a father and son. She also said that she learned that the police were called when multiple Guests reported that they had items stolen from their strollers. It is unknown how the two were identified, but when they were confronted, the younger one apparently became aggressive, which is why he was handcuffed the way he was. Natalie also said that a wallet was reportedly also stolen, but was never recovered.

You can watch her follow-up video below.


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If you are visiting Walt Disney World and need a stroller, it is always a good idea to never leave anything with it when you go on a ride, unless you are prepared to lose it. Anyone who has visited a Disney Park has seen the strollers lined up with a lot of things on them. I myself have seen strollers with massive diaper bags, Loungefly bags, and even new popcorn buckets hanging off of them and thought “I wouldn’t want to risk losing that.”

Stroller Parking

Credit: DisneyDining.com

If you do return to your stroller and find that items have been stolen, immediately find a Cast Member and report the incident. It is also a good idea to take a picture of your stroller, so you can point out what is now missing and have proof that you had it in the first place.

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