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Disney dog Cast Members
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When you think of Disney Cast Members, you probably think of the incredible people that make your trip to Disney special. Maybe one of them helped you find a piece of merchandise that you’ve been searching for. Perhaps you were a little lost and a Cast Member helped you find your way. Other Cast Members go viral for going above and beyond when it comes to helping Guests. Cast Members are key to keeping the magic alive, and boy do they do a great job.

Cast Members

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However, there are some Cast Members that you may not think of, and their jobs are just as important. These Cast Members have four legs and are covered in fur. That’s right, we are talking about Disney dogs!

Disney dogs are some of the most essential Cast Members on property. They are often seen by Guests going through the security lines. However, they can also be seen in the Parks and the parking areas. These adorable pups will always be with their handlers and are trained to sniff out things that should not be on Disney property. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, Disney will even ask you to help them test the dogs.

K9 Cast Members

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While going through security, a Cast Member may ask you to put a bean bag in your pocket. The bag is scented, so the dog should be able to pick up on it. You are then instructed to walk by the dog as normal. When the dog smells whatever is in the bean bag, they don’t bark, but they do follow you and get very excited. You then give the bean bag to another Cast Member — who has been informed about what is going on — and the dog has passed the test!

K9 Cast Members

Credit: Disney

While we may see the dogs as working, their handlers say that the dogs think that it is playtime. Some Disney K9 handlers spoke to Disney Parks Blog about just how great it is to work with their four-legged friends.

While working on the K9 team could understandably be a very serious job, Dexter knows Ka$h will always be excited for another day as a cast member. “Every time he sees me he’s like, ‘All right!’ For us, it’s work. But for them, it’s playtime.” Dexter explains how Ka$h performs searches as guests pass by during the security screening. “He can do that all day. As the guests pass by us, he’s basically searching the people looking for ‘the toy’, and that’s his reward toy. It’s kind of like his paycheck.”

Dexter shares the same love for the Disneyland Resort as his reliable canine companion. “I’m passionate about everything I did with this team. That’s why I became the lead and also the trainer for the team. It’s a challenge for me but I love that… Find some ways on how to make our resort, and our cast members, a safer environment.”

K9 Cast Members

Credit: Disney

Disney’s K9 Cast Members receive extensive training before they can go to work in the Parks, but they always have a little time for fun. Disney Parks TikTok shared a video of some of the work that the canines do, and it couldn’t be cuter.


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Have you seen Disney’s K9 Cast Members during your visit? Have you ever participated in their training?

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