Guests Forget That Cast Members Are Not Cinderella

Cinderella Cleaning Table
Credit: (Left) WDW YouTuber Twitter / (Right) Disney

There are a number of things that make visiting the Walt Disney World Resort special. Some of those things are obvious, like the fun rides, delicious food, and great character interactions. One other thing that makes Disney a step above is how clean their Parks are. From the hotel grounds to the theme Park garden areas to the restaurants. Walt Disney always prided himself on keeping Disney looking spic and span.

Disney World clean

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It is no secret that Disney Parks don’t seem to be as well-staffed as they were before the pandemic. However, Disney is continuing to hire more Cast Members since the number of Guests visiting is near pre-pandemic levels. Even though some areas of the Parks may be understaffed, Cast Members still work as hard as they can to keep things looking good for Guests. Unfortunately, some Guests make that very hard for them.

Cast Member

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Some Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort recently saw a table that a group decided to leave in an absolutely disgusting state. Not only was trash and food left all over the table, but the ground was littered as well. Now, while some Cast Members will gladly take your trays and empty plates once you are done dining, many consider it highly disrespectful to just leave a giant mess because you figure the Cast Members will clean it up.

Credit: Disney

WDW YouTuber shared a picture of the gross table and was in complete shock.

Why can’t people clean up after themselves

Many people were appalled that someone could actually leave the area in such a state. However, others pointed out that, in some countries, Guests will be spoken to if they try to clean up after themselves, as that is the staff’s job.

In other countries I’ve been scolded by workers for cleaning up my mess. They take it as if they don’t do it they could lose their job

Some even said that they would leave the table like that simply because they are not going to clean up after themselves since they are paying so much to get into the Park in the first place.

I do clean up after myself. But…if you are an average family of 4 (based on the number of cups on the table), that family is probably dropping around $600-$800 for that one day. I may let them bus my table…..

While you may feel as though it is okay to let Cast Members clean up your massive mess, please remember that they are people too. They have no control over how much you paid to get into the Park, and they do their best to make sure you have a magical day. Yes, janitorial Cast Members are supposed to clean up after Guests, but leaving a big mess isn’t appreciated by anyone.

Would you leave a table in this state? 

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