Is Walt Disney World Finally Cracking Down on the Rampant Line-Cutting In Parks?

Make no mistake, nearly half of the time spent visiting Walt Disney World (if not more than half the time) will be spent waiting in lines.

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Whether visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort will be crowded either way. Luckily, there’s no line like the Disney lines.


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Each attraction’s waiting queue is designed to be as visually interesting as possible, pacifying Guests while they wait in super long lines. Unfortunately, there is little to be done for Guests waiting longer than 45-minute wait time for a five-minute experience, such as the Haunted Mansion or Space Mountain.

Some Guests are so impatient that they’re willing to pull the most unforgivable move: cutting in line.

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All joking aside, the Disney Parks are expensive, and everyone visiting has paid a lot of money to be there. Cutting in line is disrespectful, selfish, and inconsiderate. Usually, Cast Members do very little to intervene against this behavior.

However, one Guest recently visited and noticed that Cast Members were actually taking action for once:

Line cutting
byu/okcwithabuIIet inWaltDisneyWorld

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Whether this is going to become a regular occurrence or just something that was happening due to the circumstances associated with school trips, we hope to see more of this in the Disney Parks.

After all, skipping the line is one of the only things that can dampen the mood during a Disney day.

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