Disney Announces the Seasonal Retirement of Animal Kingdom Attraction

Closure announcement
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January has just arrived, and already, the closure announcements and confirmations are flooding in.

One of the most exhilarating attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park takes guests on a thrilling journey through the untamed wilderness. Unfortunately, beginning January 8, 2024,  visitors will have to wait patiently as this incredible ride undergoes temporary closure.

The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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January’s Arrival Means Annual Closure for Animal Kingdom Attraction

Some rides need more time and attention than others. Attractions that are older or have more complicated ride systems often take longer to renovate than guests might have hoped. One ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is so needy that it requires a multiple-month renovation every year. With this closure set to happen later this week, fans are preparing to say goodbye.

Situated in the heart of Walt Disney World, Kali River Rapids immerses guests in an adventure like no other. The majestic Asia setting and its lush forest surroundings inspire the attraction, creating a realistic and captivating experience for all who dare to embark on its watery voyage.

Kali River Rapids

Credit: Disney

Once onboard the river raft, guests are in for a wild and unpredictable ride. As the raft navigates the rushing waters, riders are greeted with unexpected twists and turns, roaring waterfalls, and thrilling encounters with the elements of nature. Be prepared to get wet as you traverse the treacherous rapids, with water splashing from all directions. It’s an exhilarating and refreshing experience, especially on hot summer days!

Closure Dates Set for Ride Refurbishment

Disney has recently revealed that Kali River Rapids will close from January 8 until the middle of March for this annual refurbishment. During the temporary closure for maintenance, visitors can explore other exciting attractions within Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. From the towering Expedition Everest to the wild Kilimanjaro Safaris, there is no shortage of adventures waiting to be discovered.

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kali river rapids at disney's animal kingdom park

Credit: Becky Burkett

Plan your visit accordingly, and make sure to check the reopening date of Kali River Rapids so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this thrilling and educational attraction.

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