8 Totally Cool Things About Kali River Rapids At Walt Disney World

8. Follow Your Nose

The next time you ride Kali River Rapids, let your nose be your guide!  Disney Imagineers added ginger and jasmine scents to the mist around the ramp at the start of the ride, in keeping with the Asian theme.  You may also catch a whiff of smoke during the logging section of the ride, making it seem like you really are drifting through a clear-cut rainforest.

7. Dry Storage – for Free!

There used to be a covered storage unit in the centre of each raft, where guests could place anything they didn’t want to get wet.  But these have now been removed.  Luckily, there is free locker storage to the left of the entrance to Kali River Rapids, near the washrooms.  You can leave your valuables here, or even dry clothes to change into after the ride, especially useful on a chilly or cloudy day.

6. Setting the Scene in Style

Kali River Rapids is home to one of the most impressively-themed queues in Animal Kingdom, if not on Disney property. Guests wind their way through stunning temples and ruins adorned with offerings and prayer flags, where sandals are lined up in a row outside, as per the custom in Asia. Ancient-looking statues and lush vegetation complete the vivid picture. Once inside, you’ll hear a radio warning about illegal loggers, and hear chainsaws in the nearby forest.  It’s all part of the attention to detail that sets the scene before you even get on your raft!

5. A Raft by Any Other Name

It wasn’t until our most recent Disney trip that I discovered that each Kali River Rapids raft has its own unique, Asian-themed name.  The next time you ride, keep your eyes peeled as you approach the loading area, and you’ll see names like, “Kali Bumper Car”, “Himalayan Hummer” “Sherpa Surfer”, “Banyan Bay”, “Manaslu Slammer”, or my personal favorite, “Kathmandoozy”!

4. You WILL Get Wet!

As the sign at the entrance to the ride states, “you WILL get wet”!  The only question is exactly how drenched you will end up!  Unlike Splash Mountain, where it’s possible to exit the ride mostly dry, here, there is no doubt that you will get wet.  The only time I’ve ever seen a guest NOT emerge from Kali River Rapids soaked was when a small child was unintentionally shielded from most of the water by his much taller parents sitting across from him.  You’ll get wetter with each effect, including waterfalls, splashes, and drops.  Our advice??  Ride on a hot, sunny day, and embrace the water – you won’t be able to escape it anyway!

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3. Do-It-Yourself Water Shooters

In addition to its various drops, splashes and waterfalls, Kali River Rapids also incorporates a fun interactive water feature.  There are water shooters on the bridge above the attraction, and guests can stand there, wait until their friends or family members (or even complete strangers) are in the right spot, and then press the button to douse them in water.

2. Family Friendly Fun

Aside from the thrill of getting wet – or, in most cases, drenched – there aren’t any huge thrills or scares in this attraction, making it perfect for younger kids and guests who don’t have a stomach for thrill rides.  There are no high drops, and the most your raft will do is turn around gently.  Think of it as a lazy river ride in a spectacularly themed setting, where you’ll emerge looking like you went for a dip!  Because of its appeal for all ages, this is one of our favorite family rides.

1. Noticeable Nods

If you pay attention carefully during the queue, you’ll recognize the name of the town guests “hike” to on their way to on their way to the ride: it’s Andapur, the same name as the tea shop found halfway between Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids.  Andapur is an actual village located in India.  The ride’s name itself is a nod to Kali, an actual Hindu Goddess worshipped in certain areas of Asia.

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