Disney Announces Community Update for ‘Late-Night Inconvenience’

Magic Kingdom at Night
Credit: Disney

After a long day at a Disney theme Park, there is nothing more relaxing and necessary than a long night of sleep. Fans staying at Walt Disney World Resort tonight may not be getting the restful sleep they dreamed of. Disney has just announced a Community Update where they apologize in advance for the late-night disturbance that will be taking place.

cinderella castle and fireworks

No Sleep for Guests Tonight!

It is not often that the Walt Disney Company issues a community update. This announcement means that Disney knows there will be visitor complaints. One thing you do not want to mess with is the sleep of theme Park Guests, especially when they have young children with them. Unfortunately, Guests might not be getting too much sleep at the Resort tonight.

The reason for tonight’s noise will be that Disney needs to test a fireworks show. It is assumed that the fireworks in question are from the “Happily Ever After” nighttime spectacular, which is set to return to Cinderella Castle on April 3. The show will take over for “Disney Enchantment,” which is currently showing. The Disney Park fireworks will be tested late at night, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Disney’s announcement reads, “Tonight, March 9, we will be testing fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. We apologize to our neighbors and Guests for this late-night inconvenience.”

Late Night Firework Testing Will Continue

This is not the first time they have tested Disney fireworks this week. Early in the morning on March 7, Guests staying on the property heard the fireworks test for Happily Ever After. The fireworks testing was a surprise to many Guests of the Disney Parks, and some were upset at Disney for not warning them ahead of time. Twitter user @ericthomaschu shared a video of the show.

Hopefully, the test night will not be too disturbing to ruin a Guests Disney experience. It is important to rest while on vacation, and it would be a shame to lose much-needed sleep. For the night owls, however, this might be a cool experience to catch another firework show!

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