VIDEO: This Small Child Reacting to Disney World Fireworks is All of Us

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A viral video of a mom and her toddler at Walt Disney World echoes everyone’s excitement at the return of the fan-favorite fireworks spectacular, Happily Ever After.

Disney Parks’ nighttime fireworks performances are so well-loved by theme park Guests that they’ve become synonymous with the Walt Disney World Resort experience and an icon of the Most Magical Place on Earth. Although Disney has reduced its fireworks offerings in recent years due to environmental and safety concerns, their limited status almost enhances the experience when you see them, rendering the moment all the more magical.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks

Credit: Disney

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For example, the all-new Wondrous Journeys nighttime spectacular has already convinced many Disney fans that it’s the best fireworks show at the Disneyland Resort, with many comparing it to the level of entertainment found in the Happily Ever After fireworks previously shown in Magic Kingdom Park. In fact, Enchantment, the fireworks which replaced Happily Ever After as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary celebration, were so unpopular that Disney has confirmed its predecessor will return when the 50th ends next month.

Of course, Guests were elated to hear this, leading many to jump, shout, and celebrate, just like the star of a now-viral TikTok sweeping the Disney community online. Disney Parks reposted the heartwarming video of four-year-old Jerimiah, filmed by mom @spectacular.caro on a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort to celebrate her son’s birthday.

guest wearing ears looking at fireworks

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In the clip, you see Jerimiah walking down Main Street, U.S.A., with his family, holding his mom’s hand. Plus, the adorable little boy sports a Fab Five t-shirt and Sorcerer Mickey Ears! Suddenly, his face erupts in surprise, his mouth dropping open. Then, Mom pans the camera to Cinderella Castle at the end of the walkway, where fireworks shoot out into the sky in a dazzling display seemingly out of nowhere!

Afterward, the camera centers back on Jerimiah, who exclaims: “FIREWOOOORKS!” as seen in the clip below:



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Jerimiah’s mom called the reaction “priceless” in her original video’s caption, which represents how all of us kids-at-heart feel each time we see a bit of Disney magic through one of its fireworks shows, no matter how old we are.

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Furthermore, she notes, “I thought being a kid at Disney World was the best, but it’s even better as a parent,” a sweet sentiment that reveals just how hard Disney works to make each day magical for every Guest in so many little ways, regardless of your age. Have you ever had a similar experience seeing fireworks at the Walt Disney World Resort?

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