Democrats and Republicans Unite Towards a Common Enemy: Disney Live-Action Remakes

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Who knew this would be the thing that brings our country together?!

Right now, the United States of America feels more divided than ever before. In the world of politics, Democrats and Republicans often find themselves at odds over various issues. However, there is one topic that has managed to bridge the divide and bring these two groups together in an unexpected alliance: Disney live-action movie remakes.

New data seems to suggest that both sides of the political spectrum are in agreement when it comes to their disdain for these revamped versions of beloved animated classics.

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A Cause We Can All Get Behind

Right now, one of the most highly-discussed issues within the Disney community is Disney live-action remakes. In recent years, Disney has been pumping out these remakes like their lives depend on it. From Aladdin to Mulan to Beauty and the Beast, Disney is using dozens of their most beloved classic animated movies as source material for their live-action versions.

Unfortunately, Disney is pretty much the only one who thinks that this is a good idea. Fans are feeling burnt out and frustrated by the volume and content of these films.

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Even more miraculously, the hatred of live-action remakes is actually something that crosses party lines. New polling proves that both Democrats and Republicans are against Disney reboots and remakes. In a poll conducted by Newsweek, they deducted that,

“40 percent of Republicans who voted for Donald Trump believed that Disney should create new stories, along with 33 percent of those who voted for President Joe Biden”

Out of the remaining voters, 20 percent of people wanted to continue to see live-action remakes, and 28% wanted to see a mixture of both remakes and new, original stories.

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A Community United

It is strange to see that fans are uniting in such a way over this. In a country that is so divided by politics, it is strangely wholesome to see fans come together in mutual hatred over a common goal. Disney fans are far too divided over political differences, and seeing this shift seems like a positive indicator for the future.

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